Happy Friday loves!! Meet Nora, mama of 2,  she is 1/2 of the ModaMob youtube channel, co-creator of the brand Norani and so much more.

Today Nora is on the show to share her journey into motherhood, her IVF struggles and Ani’s. Their 15 year plus friendship and how they’ve worked and evolved together as mothers, and now giving birth to their brand Norani, and their first product under their Norani label, the swaddle known as the Snugababe.

We talk about motherhood and how we are all warriors, and how we power through as mama’s and our real feelings about it.

How the Snugababe was born and why it’s such a great mom hack & parent hack we all need! 

We all have had swaddling issues, and this unique swaddle really helps with most of those newborn struggles, with their genius arm inserts!

Nora also talks about the importance of their fabric being organic and how clean it is for them and being on their body being so little.

Ali gets to hear the story of how it was born out of Nora’s own struggles from swaddling her daughter two years ago! 

Nora really shares how hard IVF was and how she had to advocate for herself to bring her baby into this world and how grateful she is to be a mama.

Nora and Ani have combined their passions as mothers and their entertainment backgrounds, and launched an amazing product out there for parents to use and love, but also educate their audience and parents on everything they need to know!!

This is such a real episode on the journey into motherhood, entrepreneurship, and more!

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