Hi loves!!! So this is so overdue considering it’s been almost a month since we found out we were having another girl! #spoileralert

Waddle It Be Gender Reveal Theme

Of course, I wanted to share with all of you the full details!! Mama is exhausted being pregnant 🤰 and chasing after a toddler so thanks for your patience! My gender reveal was on
December 22nd, 2019 and I did my aesthetic as neutral, yellow and off of the idea Waddle It Be, off of a ducks theme because Amelia loves ducks so I wanted to go off of her since it’s her new sibling she’s welcoming into this world!!

I found the cute idea of the ducks as bath bombs and thought Amelia could drop the duck in a little “pond” and have it reveal the color.

Ali and husband standing in front of Waddle It Be sign

Poof There It Is! Also Played a Big Role

Of course, knowing she’s a toddler and things may not go to plan, I got Justin and I another way to reveal as well, which was from Poof There it Is, for the Reveal and I loved that I could also pick the different styles of the poof, so I did confetti and powder and I chose different pastels for the colors as well as some metallics. SOO cute!!

Fab Brands Played a Key Role

My Waddle It Be reveal party was so much fun to create and work on all the details. I found amazing vendors to help me bring everything to life!

I didn’t know what Baby’s gender was so my best friend & business rep, Kelly (who’s like a second mom to me) helped handle for me since they knew 🙂 but I loved that there were so many different styles in the reveal colors I could choose from. So I asked for pastels to play off the neutral yellow and loved some of the metallics mixed in to add some glam!! You know me I love GLAM!! 😍

The beautiful Back Drop – Sweetswithlove

My adorable Sign – Laylabelledesign AND The neutral Balloons – BalloonsbyRoxx

Circular white sign with yellow and white balloons

Two-tiered duck Cake with the cutest reveal inside when we cut it with candies and color on the cake & of pink m&m’s Cookies & Rice Krispy Treats – adorable Oreos with duck details and bubbles and the words of waddle it be, on the different cookies, as well as beautiful rice Krispy treats by My Sugar Sweets Cookie Dough – Edoughble – amazing edible cookie dough with the reveal color also inside, so she did pink sprinkles and color in the dough, so cute!! – Samantha Cakes N Bakes

Two-tier blue and yellow cake with ducks on top

Oh & the cutest sugar-free Lollipops that were yellow with ducks and he or she cutest details – Luna Lollipops and delicious treats paired with them from My Sugar Sweets, too.


Lollipops on a white plate

And I just HAVE to mention our delicious, edible dough that was provided by Edoughble one more time. It was so good!

Legit every detail especially dessert was perfect!!

I wore a Sexy Mama Maternity dress for my outfit, matched Justin, my Hubby in a yellow shirt, and Amelia wore a white/ creme neutral dress from Sweet Pea Baby Boutique. It was so adorable! 🥰

Ali in yellow dress with white, feathered vest

I love finding mama businesses to work with!!

Check them out!!

Waddle It Be? A Happy Family!

Every detail of my gender reveal was truly amazing, thanks to all these amazing women & so many of these vendors who are also mamas! Even Eonline covered my Waddle It Be gender reveal. Love my E! fam! I was so happy to have all my friends there to celebrate with my family. It was such a heartwarming experience.

Ali and friends walking on a street

Ali and friends in front of sign

Ali and man and woman in front of Waddle It Be sign

Spoiler alert 🚨 as I said above it’s another baby girl 👧 and I couldn’t be more excited to be raising another sweet girl and for Amelia Rei to be a big sister and have that sweet bond! I feel honored to be raising girls in a time where women are really getting to step into their power, I am grateful to get to be a part of raising two independent women!

Ali and husband holding their daughter

We had such a special day as our little family celebrated becoming a family of 4 soon and finding out the gender of our sweet baby & our friends by our side & families on FaceTime!! 🙂

I was honestly surprised and so excited to find out it’s another girl!! Girls taking over hehe!!

Waddle it Be!! 😘 💋 👶🏼

Stay tuned for my next #bumpdate and new projects coming soon!!


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