Traveling Trendy this Tuesday!!

Starting off the New Year, Ali wants all her mama’s to be able to feel trendy especially on the go with their new bundles!
Ali recently got back from Florida where she traveled for Christmas with Amelia, and she is now breaking down some of her favorite must haves for traveling and your new year!
Mom on the go- how to do it and look trendy too!
First off, #babywearing who ever invented this idea is pure genius.
Babies love to feel close to their mama and this mimics those tight feelings of the womb. Even if your babe doesn’t seem to like it at first, trust and believe they’ll end up loving it and you’ll have them asleep so much faster than anything else!!
We promise you! Amelia was asleep between Ali and Justin’s layovers, and slept the whole flight back to LA!!
Ali’s new favorite is the Lillebaby!! We love how stylish it is! They have so many colors and textures!! Ali always says a pop of color with her styling, so no surprise she has the lavender one! It’s a pop of fun for her and a calming color for Amelia.
Ali loves how versatile it is with facing in and out, legs all the way out or frogged, padding for their little head for support if super little or for sleeping.
Besides the fact, we love the comfort and style of this carrier, we love how empowering it is for women and new parents in general! Lillebaby is about empowerment!!
Next up on the must haves, a great nursing cover. Easy to breast feed in public, can be used as a faux blanket, car seat cover, and so much more!
Milk Snob, Nurselet, and Covered Goods, are just some of Ali’s favorites! Fashionable, breathable, comfortable and easy for babe and mama!
Bottles- Every nursing mama needs a break at some point, well any mama in general really! Ali pumps her way to freedom as she says lol!!
Her favorite bottle to use is the Como Tomo. Amelia loves the jelly like material of the bottle and it encourages her to hold it and want to touch it and triggers more of her sensory!! Doesn’t Amelia look so happy with her bottle?
Ali also thinks its way less gassy and airy, and keeps Amelia more satisfied and full which is a must with baby!!
Another must have, is a sleep sack! Ali’s favorite that Amelia has worn since she was about 4 1/2 months old, Nested Bean.
Nested Bean sacks, have a peep that mimic your touch and calm the baby down.
It’s so important to keep their cues as much as possible, so they can sleep and handle as best as their little bodies can!! Cues keep them in a little bit more of a rhythm!!
The best advice with travel is try to keep everything as similar as you can to home, babies can adjust especially if you keep calm and don’t show them you’re stressed.
Remember our babies feed off our energy and how we react!!
Travel in style and as peacefully as possible!!
Shop below some mom hacks as well!!

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