Happy TrendsTues®️ loves.
So yesterdays blog was mostly playing catch-up since I have been a little behind chasing Amelia around 24/7 (yes she’s crawling) haha! Even though in the midst of the craziness, I’ve gotten to use this time to figure out where I want my brand to go, and how it’s going to align with what I’m doing as an influencer, blogger, and new mom in the space. So I decided to keep the news coming here on the blog, because I have lots of exciting projects to share with you loves in 2019.
One of my favorite new discoveries and organizations I hope to be joining soon is called Fashionmamas. What an amazing group of women and moms all kicking ass at motherhood and being their entrepreneurial selves! So inspiring to be around them!
I recently attended one of their public events in Glendale for a fashion show & had such a fun day with Amelia!! The vendors were incredible, I got to get her some adorable outfits of course, but the best part of shopping was not just the fashion, it was the fact that I was supporting other mamas by shopping their creations and products!
Some of my fave shops to go check out were:
Arigo Mama – Love the sassy and adorable sayings for babies and how soft the onesies are.
Bacabuche – Amazing designs, so fashionable and chic for babe! Mom needs one in her size:)
Memowear – Amazing bibs we’ve been using that are easy to clean and wash off, plus still fashionable. As well as super cute monochromatic outfits!
There were so many other amazing brands at the event, these were just a few of my faves that I got the chance to shop! Definitely check them out!
Here’s some pics of Amelia from the event😍👶🏼She loved playing and seeing all the other babies and the music! Can you even with that face 😍😍💗
Here’s her bib we got! Perfect for this little messy one!
Next time I’ll take a pic of everything so you guys can see cause the set up was so cute! I only took videos:/
Everything happens so quickly now, I’m learning in #momlife that it’s quick before it’s gone or baby girl needs you! Lol one of the two! We had a blast though and all the mamas were amazing. I really hope to be a member of this inspiring and fab organization in 2019!!
Let’s see… What else do you want to see from me in 2019? What do you want to know/learn about in motherhood and with Amelia?
There’s so much going on and so much happening, but in the midst of the craziness I’d love to hear from you all!!
Oh, that reminds me, another update! My YouTube channel is coming back! So go subscribe and leave comments there too! First little video is up and more to come!! Super excited to be back on and it’s definitely going to be a more raw feel of me. A lot less glam, and a lot more hot mess mama! Haha but don’t worry there will be glam too;) It’ll be a mix of all things! “Everything but the kitchen sink is what I usually say is in my purse.” It’ll be like that but my YouTube. So go subscribe by clicking this link> HERE
As always thank you for all the comments and love and sharing with me! It makes me want to share with you more!
Also, thanks for the patience on the blog. It’s something I love to do and love to be on top of, but lately I’ve had to allow my focus to go to my baby girl and I’m ok with that. She’ll only be little once and I want to enjoy every moment!!