We can feel summer coming up right around the corner!! And that means another slight adjustment to our wardrobes. But just cause it’s getting warmer out there doesn’t mean we’re going to be giving up our bomber jackets. These pieces are great lightweight options for a third piece during summer. We’re obsessing over the look Ali has created on today’s post! It’s bright and fun and perfect for summer.

Photographer : Doug Robert
Jacket : Missguided by Carli Bybel
Top : Sabo Skirt
Skirt : Naked Wardrobe
Heels : YSL
Bag : Tess handbags
Adorable pup 🐶 Instagram.com/oscarthefashionablepet
Sunglasses : Quay
Screw Necklace : Metal Torks
Bar necklace : Pebbles and Gold
Beaded crystal bracelets : Love thirteen