What are the three thing new babies do the most?!

Eat, poop, sleep, repeat!
Ali is learning what works best for Amelia Rei by trial and error. As a new mom she’s figuring out what she loves about each product, and why they are becoming her go to’s!
Ali recently discovered the company Parasol for diapers and wipes! Ali loved the colors and style of the diapers, especially because they were so soft! She also fell in love with their wipes and how safe they are, because they are all natural!
Here’s some quick notes about Parasol and why you should check them out!
1) Parasol baby wipes are made of 99.2% RO water, and the cleaning agents in them are all-natural.
2) Their diapers are truly the softest on the market as well as the thinnest yet most absorbent. They use the least amount of wood pulp possible in a diaper because they believe in being kind to mama Earth and respecting the environment. (as evidenced by their multiple environmental certifications including one from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) about sourcing their materials from responsibly-managed forests.) Cute and good for the earth!
3) Parasol company believes in artwork — not prints! Each collection, including their new HI collection with the Limitless Sky design, is created with art in mind to create an experience. Even the artwork makes its way into the packaging to make sure that we authentically and fully provide the full experience for our Parasol family and as Baby grows and learns,  they can be into the artwork too!!
Fashionable, functional and good for the environment diapers!
The second topic Ali really wants to touch on is Sleep 💤 This is something more challenging, and Ali is learning day by day sleep training and cues for sleep and how to soothe Amelia Rei.
Swaddles are the go-to for Ali and Amelia! Ali has talked about many on the blog and social media as she’s all about the swaddle game!
Some faves to check out are :
It’s all about what works best for your baby and what soothes them and helps them get to sleep.
Ali also loves the white noise machine, Called Hush, and the fact that it’s portable.
This little hush machine makes a lot of noise for Amelia and is portable and easy to hook on the crib, basinet, stroller etc.
Last but not least for sleep, a great monitor. Ali is always nervous to leave Amelia and not be watching her the whole time, or literally watching her while she sleeps! So Ali really likes the iBaby monitor.
There’s an app and everything to see a clear picture, hear great sound and all so she knows what’s going on!! Here’s a pic below while Ali is doing laundry around the house and watching Amelia from her phone!
& the last topic to touch on is eating of course!! As some of you may know, Ali is breastfeeding with Amelia, and it has been a full time job and learning process. The Motif Curve is Ali’s go-to for a pump. It is portable so she can pump while she’s on the go and working!
As Amelia starts to take a bottle, Ali is excited to see what types she’ll start using and what Amelia will take. As of right now, Ali’s fave is the Dr. Browns bottles. These are the only ones Amelia will take and actually drink from. As she gets older Ali will experiment with more, so stay tuned:)