Happy TrendsTues®️ loves! This Tuesday is all about Ali’s baby girls fashion and her not so fun teething situation!

Ali is doing everything she can to keep Amelia comfortable and of course fashionable. Ali recently fell in love 😍with the brand colored organics! She loves the vibrant color of the onesie, and the adorable matching print headband! Hello diamonds 💎are a girls best friend! More importantly, they are organic, so Ali knows when Amelia sucks on the fabric she is all good and safe from harm. It’s super soft and stretchy on her sensitive body so it lasts day to night. Better for babe, better for mom!!

They are 100% sweat shop free which is truly incredible!!

Check them out at coloredorganics.com & @coloredorganics on Instagram and read the founder and creators story!
Ali loves working with amazing mom companies and especially those that do good, are safe for her babe, and hello adorably fashionable!
Use her code “LEVINE25” for 25% off!

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