Happy TrendsTues®️loves!

Today we are talking mom fashion and nursing in true fashion!! Our boss babe really knows how to make breast feeding 🤱 look fabulous! Lol! No, but really, Ali fell in love with this company NursElet, and absolutely loves how she has been able to use this cover from when Amelia was a baby to now at 7 months and growing!

Ali loves the comfort and ease there is and that it’s fashionable!

Ali also loves the NursElet bracelet which helps you know which side to breast feed on! Not only can you can use it as a reminder, but it’s fashionable & stylish to help dress up your wardrobe.

Ali is so busy she doesn’t always remember which side she nursed on, so she’s always wearing her NursElet bracelet.

These products are mommy patented and invented and we love supporting other moms!

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