Happy Valentines Day to all our Striptd Down loves and listeners!!
First off, no matter what you do today or this weekend, take time to love on yourself please!
Show some self LOVE!! Mama’s, parents or not, it’s so important!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!
Today Ali got to chat with Desiree of the Perfect Mom blog and feel that genuine mama love!
Ali and Desiree connected on social a while back, and Ali felt a very safe space with Desiree’s vulnerable and real sharing and the mama’s bonded off their own experiences and hardships via social!
Which is what led Ali to having Desiree on today and she wanted to share her with you mama’s and moms to be.
Desiree is truly raw and herself in this episode and its refreshing!
She talks about her motherhood journey, her own struggles with postpartum depression & anxiety, her body, her ivf struggles to bring her 3 babies into this world and so much more.
Desiree and Ali have a heart to heart about all the changes they both went through and how they had to learn to love themselves again, give themselves grace and allow them selves to surrender in motherhood.
Desiree shares her story of how hard IVF was for her and how her triplets came to be and where she is now as a mama.
Desiree discusses her journey now and what’s she’s about to embark on next with adopting out her embroyo’s!
Desiree also has great advice for Ali as a new mama, advice about handling 1-2 babies and so much.
This is a self love feel good episode with a lot of rawness and lessons and hardship in between.
Desiree, thanks for reminding us we are the perfect mom’s for our kids!! A self love lesson to always remember!
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