Today Ali sits down with the Caden sisters and discusses how Belly Bandit was born and the spark that started it all.
” Here let me get that for you” – he said, reaching for the cat litter on the top shelf. ” After all – you’re pregnant”.
Only she wasn’t.  
Lori Caden,  one of the co-founders of Belly Bandit, had recently given birth and was struggling to regain her confidence.
So many of us that are mothers have felt this same or similar feeling, where we lacked confidence in ourselves as new mom’s mentally, physically or both.
Luckily for Lori, she had the support of her sisters who set out to help find a solution for her postpartum body blues.
Fast forward sometime later after heavy research and ideas, in 2008 all the sisters perseverance led to the creation of the Belly Bandit, and the postpartum compression wraps,  that would literally REVOLUTIONIZE the body after baby marketplace!
The belly wraps modernized the ancient practice of belly binding and quickly turned Belly Bandit into a new mom must have.
Today Ali sits down with the sisters and gets to share her own struggles with her postpartum body that she believes could of added to her own postpartum depression.
The sisters share their own stories with their own births and bodies, the realness of motherhood, the support that’s needed and more.
Ali and the sisters get really deep about how hard it is to be a mama and how hard it is to be yourself as a new mama let alone deal with your body after baby.
Ali and the ladies talk about the amazing fabrics they use to create these amazing belly bandit pieces, talk about the evolvement of the Belly Bandit brand and what they are doing now, all the different collections offered and what they are used for.
The sisters passion and dedication combined with Lori’s own tears, have led them to be the Sisterpreneurs of Shapewear and are on a mission to empower all women to look and feel their absolute best before, after and during pregnancy! It’s no wonder that so many celebs we know & love like the Kardashian’s, have gotten on board with this product! It’s a Game changer mamas!
Today’s episode is a must listen and Belly Bandit is a must have for mama’s!!
Mama’s we all need SUPPORT and there’s no shame in that!
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