Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you’re ready to start your Monday off with the Kick in the A*** you might need, because today is all about Showing up and how we do that in our lives!!
Today Ali had the pleasure of sitting down with special guest Asher Gottesman who is all about Showing Up in Your Life and what that means.
How you transcend your thoughts and beliefs as an individual as well!
Lets Create Community through Conversation is what Asher G is all about.
Asher and Ali get really real and raw today about their own self shaming, how they work through the negative talk and push themselves to Show Up in life.
Asher shares his journey as someone in recovery, how he works on himself daily, what this work means to him for others, and more.
Asher is very real about his own struggles, what its taken him to get here, what he continues to do, how he counsels his clients and transcends their ideas as well!
On this Monday, we really hope you show up for yourself and this deep conversation.
Asher’s honesty about his own life and being a father of 5, is incredible and a great reminder for our own lives and as parents on how to check in and do the work for ourselves.
Asher also talks about the importance of presence, his views of social media and how to really work on one’s self and Show Up,
Ali and Asher share a lot in this episode amd we hope you’ll feel inspired and transcend any negative beliefs about yourself you may have!
So many gems in this one, lets all Show Up for ourselves and others!
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