Pregnancy update! I know it’s been a hot minute since my last check-in, but I have a good excuse: this pregnancy! It’s kicking my butt! LOL

Hi Mamas and my other loves! How are YOU doing?! How’s the “new” normal been for everyone?! I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been hormotional 😭 over here!! Being so pregnant in this and adjusting to everything is really hard!! I try to find the silver linings with spending time with our Amelia Rei & Daddy before we become a party of 4 any day now, but it still gets me.

Don’t get me wrong I’m loving the family time and the bonding the 3 of us and Amelia couldn’t be happier to be with the two of us. She has moments of going stir crazy, but overall she’s so happy to be with us. It’s really sweet!

Pregnancy insomnia for sure doesn’t help, either! Like tonight I’m up late blogging and can’t turn my brain off and fighting through some prodromal labor that I never had with Amelia. Good times! 😆

Trying to keep a good headspace and mindset with getting ready to bring this baby girl into the world, really any day now!

I’m so low and so uncomfortable 😣, another feeling I didn’t feel with Amelia. She was always so high on me. So it’s nice to be able to breathe and not have her in my chest, but it’s still really difficult to move and get to sleep, get comfort etc. I feel like I live on my ball.

We still don’t have a name for this baby girl, for those asking. I know I want another “A” name, but nothing seems to be sticking. I’m thinking I’ll know when I see her 😍 I hope!!

Any A name votes?!

Pregnancy Update – This One is So Different!

It’s so crazy how different this pregnancy 🤰 is. From the feel of it to positioning in my body to how the house is coming into a pandemic, it’s wild!! I think about being ready for Amelia. The house was so clean. We had deep cleaned and then some!! All her clothes were washed and ready. Everything was laid out. The nursery was all done, I mean every detail!!

With this baby girl, I barely have washed past her sisters hand me downs up to 3-6 months. I definitely didn’t do anything as far as set up for the nursery. I figure she’ll be in our room in the bassinette for 0-5 ish months maybe 6, so I’ll have time! Lol! I hope!

The house is definitely not together and barely clean. I’m nesting as much as I can, but like I said, I’m so low so I’m having trouble and I’m exhausted way more this time. Justin, hubby is doing as much as he can to get ready as well as basically playing Mr.Mom!!

Second Pregnancy Look

This first pic is how I look most days! I’m living in my #blublox glasses and cozy-chic anything that fits and isn’t itchy, tight, or uncomfortable!! Did I use that word yet 😆 I am so happy I got into wearing these glasses because not only are they cute, especially in my bun life and no makeup, but I really notice a difference in my eye strain, headaches, and sleep. These last few days have just been a doozy being so close to the end.

I’ve had lots of questions on these frames so you loves can check them out at,

My code is “ALILEVINE15”

Pregnant mom in sweats

I’m actually really excited for once baby girl is here and I’m rocking these glasses 🤓 because I’ve learned so much from their amazing company and the founders, Andy & Katie, and how it helps with your healthy milk development and what’s in the milk as far as not keeping the baby up from what’s being produced from you. It sounds crazy and complicated, but there are actually studies on this, and I can’t wait to share more about this once she’s here and I’m experiencing it.

Andy and I also dug into it a little on my podcast, if you wanna be fascinated! My podcast has some amazing new episodes and guests, so don’t forget to check them out, especially while you have some more time at home right now!! I’m working on keeping y’all inspired with my guests and myself included!!

Baby A is Almost Here!

What else is going on, on my end?!

Hmm 🤔, baby girl is due anytime in May and really any day now my doctor said. I’m already a little dilated and 100% effaced!! She’s ready to join the quarantine party!!

I have a lot of mixed emotions about her being born into this. On one hand, I’m like women are warriors and so is this baby girl, she’s fierce! The other side of me is like wow, this is so crazy, cue all the emotions at once. Our families will meet her via FaceTime, Amelia can’t come to the hospital to meet her baby sister?! It’s all hitting me. I know it’s nothing compared to everything else going on, but it feels heavy to me and it’s hard to process.

I’m doing a ton of listening to birth affirmations, pulling my pregnancy cards, journaling, reading a chapter from my new fave book, Intentional Days by Adrienne Enns. I’m holding space for myself and trying to ground myself and be aware of everything.

My pregnancy cards by Renegade Mama are so beautiful 😍 and the words and the pictures speak to me. Use code “ALILEVINE “ if you want a deck, they have for pregnancy, postpartum, parenting, etc. My doula, Stacey Blackwell, @themoderndoula got them for me, and I just love them.

Oh, that’s another reality I had hit me, I won’t have my doula 😭💛. All this prep work we’ve been doing and all have been removed and it’s weird and emotional. I’m so grateful to have my husband Justin be able to be a part of it!! 🙏🏻 beyond!! But, going to miss Stacey there with me in person.Which reminds me, please keep signing this important petition, so we can take care of all mamas in California.

On a lighter note, I’ve been trying to get some vitamin D and fun time in the sun with Amelia. We played the other day in her little pool sprinkler and it was so much fun and relaxing and cooling! I’m loving 🥰 my little glow I got from the sun and from my Beauty Counter clean beauty counter oil! Shine without glitter! Oh and also their brightening C serum, so great with the sun coming out!!

Mother and daughter outside

Mom and daughter with GoodPop

A silver lining in this quarantine, besides my beautiful little family, has definitely been being able to create more content for all of you and share new products and things I’m trying!!

I hope you’re all hanging in and I’m here for all of you. We’re in this together! Please know you’re not alone.

We will get through this, and come out stronger. I truly believe that and believe the world is shifting and something beautiful is coming.

It’s going to be May, a new month!

Sending all my love, light, prayers, and good vibes to everyone!!


Tired & emotional,


PS if you ever have questions on what I mention, feedback on the podcast, or just wanna say hi! Please do, I love further connecting with all of you 💕!! Xox