Happy Summer Style loves!

Summer time means music festival time, and we have all your must-haves! You will be fully prepared after reading our Summer music festival must-haves below:)

Summer Music Festival Must-Haves

Yes, the long, arduous wait is over! Summer music festival season has finally returned! That means soon it will be time for you to slather yourself in sunblock, jump around in a music pit with half naked sweaty strangers while music pulsates in your chest, and take so many Instagram selfies that it will be hours before get through them all. Whether you’ve never been to a music festival before or you’re a seasoned pro, packing for such an event can be overwhelming. After all, the last thing you want to do is forget to pack something essential that could ruin your entire weekend—trust us, everything on this list has that potential. So, do yourself a favor and use this list of summer music festival must-haves as a checklist before you head out.


We already mentioned sunblock, but it cannot be stressed enough as to how important it is to protect yourself from the elements. Depending on where the festival is, this could mean anything from tons of sunblock to several scarves to protect your face from sandstorms (looking at you, Coachella). Speaking of your face, no self-respecting festival goer would be caught dead in the crowd without a cool pair of sunglasses—so you better make sure that yours are straight fire. Find yourself something trendy, like clear sunglasses—if you want to appear on best dressed blogs.

If you take some time to research what the weather will be like during the festival and pack accordingly, you won’t have to buy a pair of overpriced festival-branded shades or a hat (and look like a total newbie). You also need to pack practical essentials, like plenty of hand sanitizer and tissues. Trust us, you will need both when it comes to those porta potties…

The Right Wardrobe

Music festival fashion is almost more popular and important now than the actual musicians performing on stage. People plan months in advance when it comes to their outfits, so if you want to be photographed for an influencer’s Instagram, you better put some serious thought into your looks. Thankfully, plenty of retail store cater to festival styles; so you will have plenty of places to shop from when the time comes to start planning. Make sure that you don’t plan any outfits according to last year’s trends (cough flower crowns cough).

Plenty of Juice

Sure, most music festivals have charging stations where you can plug in your smartphone (or whatever it is you are taking all those Boomerangs on), but do you want to waste your time sitting on a hay bale with a bunch of similarly unprepared strangers while your friends are dancing in a bubble tent? We didn’t think so. This is why you need to pack a portable charger (or two), so that you can power up your cell phone whenever it is low. Make sure to find one that is small enough to fit in a small bag, but powerful enough to give you a handful of charges. And one bit of advice when it comes to having the wherewithal to bring a portable power bank. Once people know you have them, they will try and use them—which defeats the purpose of your bringing them to use them for yourself. So, don’t tell everyone about the powerful goods you have stashed in your bag and you won’t be left on that hay bale.

The Perfect Bag

Speaking of a bag, the perfect bag needs to check a lot of boxes. You definitely need a bag that is large enough to fit the essentials (like a small refillable water bottle, money, and that portable power bank), but

small enough that it will lightweight and easy to move through crowds with. You also need to find one that zips completely—unless you want strangers to reach in and steal your things when you’re dancing to your favorite band. Cross body bags are especially helpful at festivals, as you can keep them close to your body without having to worry about them getting knocked off your shoulder.


Sure, music festivals have tons of food for purchase, but the food is not only expensive, it is also hardly ever good for you. So, in between splurging on over-priced fried fare that you would usually gag at the sight of, you will want something nutritious. Make sure to pack hearty fruit and vegetables, granola bars, nuts and anything else you can think of that doesn’t need to be kept in a refrigerator. Unless you are camping and actually take a cooler, because if that is the case then the options are endless!