Happy Saturday style my loves!
Self care is how you take your power back!
Lately, I feel like all I hear about is self care… and honestly at first I used to shake my head and be like yea yea self care.
Now, I have a whole new view on this as a mom.
And it shouldn’t of taken me to be a mom to realize this. We all need self care.
We all need to do something to feel good and feel refreshed. To pull back those layers and re center. Who’s guilty of no self care or very little?
My very best friend Steph always tells me this and I’m like ya ya but now I’m getting it.
It really helps reset you, it helps you feel good and back to yourself, it gets you in touch with you and more aware of yourself.

There are many ways to self care.
I recently did a segment for Las Vegas now on self care and the many ways and products you can use to achieve it.

Check it out here

I loved this segment especially because I got to teach myself how to better self care along with others.

The first product I talked about was the amazing nail polish I have on, on the show called LBK polish!Ali Levine showing various colors of amazing nail polish from LBK Polish!

Vegan, cruelty free, 7 free, fabulous colors, the best laquer! It wears so well!
I recently had Tony the creator and owner of LBK join me for my Friday fashionisto blog, so check him out and his site!
You can use busymoms25 for a discount from me and shop away! You’ll be obsessed like I am.

Secondly, CT Organics.

A friend of mine and an amazing mom to two girls, she has a plant based line of skincare products that I use and love daily.
If you head over to her website you can read about all the amazing ness of the clean organic stuff she uses, like charcoal, matcha green tea, red algae, etc
You may also recognize her as she has been on my blog and social media platform many times before as I’m a big supporter of her line and everything she’s doing.

Last but certainly not least, Shanti Wellness for her CBD products!


Ok first off, no you won’t get high! Haha but I’ll tell you what you will feel good! I recently discovered this incredible woman Monhia and her products and have been using two products in particular!
Balance and soothe. The two I showed on the segment, and they are great!!
Balance: you can take this orally by itself cause it has a great peppermint taste, or in your tea, coffee whatever works! I have been doing this at the start and end of my days and it’s helping me to find a balance haha. I don’t know any other word for it. It will help even things out for you when you take it, and let your mind and body recenter.

Soothe: is just what it sounds like.
This can be used topically and let me tell you it smells absolutely amazing!!
It can be used for discomfort as well as pain.
It’s great for me with breastfeeding discomfort in my shoulders, carrying Amelia all the time I always have aches, that’s just one thing it can be used for!
There’s many and she has many great products so check it all out at www.shopshanti.com
Use code spread shanti for a discount.

Most importantly, remember how important self care is for all of us, especially us Momma’s and find ways to do it for yourself.

Have a fabulous weekend loves!


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