Happy Saturday style loves and mommas! 🇺🇸 I’m excited for this holiday because it’s a special one! It’s Amelia Rei’s first fourth!! And my first one as a new mom! Now even though we have no set plans haha, because let’s be real, I’m still keeping up with this little one and trying to find time to sleep and get adjusted. I’m still excited for this little milestone! Regardless of what we end up doing, I’m of course thinking of baby fashion!! Haha when am I not these days 😂 #guilty
I’m obsessed with everything I buy for Amelia and you can bet her little outfit is going to be explosive 💥 hehe!!

Here are some fave looks of mine as well as accessories and some fabulous brands I’m into!!

It’s super important no matter what you do for the holiday; if you’re outside with your baby you have to think about sunscreen and protecting their skin!
I have two favorites right now:
1. CT organics, who’s a dear friend of mine and I use her products regularly as well! All natural, clean, Feels so good, smells delicious and is good for you!
2. Alba Botanica. I met their amazing brand at the recent OK Mag body and soul event. Such a healthy and fun day, and I discovered all new brands!
Alba botanica is organic, and has a great safe mineral skin sunscreen and reminds you of Hawaii by the scent.

Another must have is from my Insta Glam mommy kit – if you haven’t gotten yours yet you’re missing out! I use it every day and I’m obsessed.. seriously!
A must have for the 4th is my body splash! Let’s be honest you’ll be out in the sun, you’ll prob need a little refresh scent wise and cooling wise! I love that about this product! I’m constantly misting myself with it!

Have a happy 4th Loves and new Mama’s! Please follow me at @alilevinedesign and comment if you’ve tried or bought any of these products especially from my mommy kit! Im dying to know and show me what you’re wearing for the 4th for your fashion!!

More fashionably & still tired,