Happy Saturday my loves!
Did you get to catch me on Las Vegas now, Ch 8, for my latest segment?! If you missed it, no worries, check it out here!
This was such a fun show!!! I always love being back with my favorites over there, like Mercedes the host, the whole crew backstage, the producer, everyone is just amazing!!
This one was particularly special for me because we talked about intent. Something I’ve been talking about a lot lately.
Setting your intentions and really finding that space to move forward with your intent.
So for this segment, New Year, I really looked for brands that let me and will let all of you, do things differently for yourself. It’s not a quick fix, it’s not an overnight resolution, it’s something you work towards and continue to do and put into practice for yourself.
First, I have been using an amazing brand called Patchology.
They have illuminating eye gels, restorative gels, nourishing hand masks, and so much.
All great for every day essentials and also a fast pick me up for your skin.
So say you have puffy eyes and you only have 10 mins in the car, you can throw them on & wear them and take them off at your next destination and boom no more puffiness! I wear them all the time. Your skin is not only your largest organ, but also needs true TLC just like everything else with your body. It’s so important we take care of it and do right by it, like everything else.
And I love that it comes in such easy packaging so you know what it’s for, easy application, and fun colors!
Next, I had this amazing hair line on the show. Headware hair! You can find it at Sally’s beauty.
First off, the packaging just draws you in immediately because it’s so happy and colorful!
And that same feeling carries for what’s in the packaging, all happy good ingredients for your hair!
They have a super charged line that’s great for myself and many other hair colors and then they have a blondetastic line that’s amazing for blondes.
Color free, and Chemical free! No phylates, no phosphates, no sulfates, nothing bad!
All good for your hair & it’s so good you can even use it on your kids too.
Super affordable, fast/easy, and great for all ages! Maybe you are like myself as a mom & on a time crunch, or on a budget- in college/just out of school on your own and looking to spend less! Well here’s a product that’s affordable and works great!
I have been using it and I can’t get over how soft my hair is and how good it feels and smells!
There are so many natural and good ingredients like olive oil, but you can look up the the full list at headware hair and see them!
Last but not least, as a new mom there’s a million things to do to in a day it feels like and we just never have enough time. I know a lot of people feel like this that aren’t moms as well, and for me being someone who’s always on the go, I’m always looking to do things more efficiently, and hands free!
I’ve got baby girl, diaper bag, carrier, phone, keys, the list goes on!
Enter my new favorite go to product, the Fusion belt! Leave your purse at home! This fusion belt is functional and fashionable!!
I have been rocking mine in the plain black style because I love that it can be a cute layered look with my leggings and top, or I can hide it and nobody knows I am wearing it and have all my valuables in it!
It has a 180 degree pocket, and it’s water resistant!!
So it’s easy to turn on your hip to access everything and you don’t have to worry about it getting ruined!
There are so many fun prints, along with cute headbands that they are debuting to match! So fun right?
I can truly say it’s comfortable and legit the Anti Fanny Pack! Use my CODE “Free4Ali” to get free shipping HERE
Share your intentions with me! What are you trying to do differently?
What are you trying to achieve, work towards, make easier, change, tweak in your life or routine? I would love to hear!!
Don’t forget you can leave me a Yap below via my Yappa app. Leave me a question or comment and I will respond:)
Thank you!!! Here’s to a wonderful weekend and coming week!
Fashionably & tired always,