Happy Saturday loves!! Today I wanted to talk about body positivity.

In a world of social media, filters, and everything else, it’s so important we are honest about how we feel and not compare ourselves to others as easy as that is to do. We need to be happy with ourselves.

I have been very honest about my up and down waves of post partum depression and my journey. With that being said, I have also not been the happiest with my body. It has been a hard road in trying to “bounce” back from my pregnancy. I have had to realize that my bounce back is different from other moms, and that’s okay. My body carried a human. My body gave birth to my baby girl.
I recently did a photo shoot, and the pics ended up in US weekly and In Touch magazine. I am so grateful to be featured in both of these fab magazines!! Especially for my post baby body and how sweet they were to say how good I looked!! I honestly was shocked and have to remind myself that my body is not the same and shouldn’t be. My body is what brought me my beautiful baby girl!! I love this body and appreciate it. I feel grateful I could carry my baby and be healthy. Its my new woman body. I have grown as a woman, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I am growing as a mother. I am proud of my new mom bod and have to keep reminding myself of this. No matter where you are in life, be positive and be positive about your body!
It’s your body that carries you through everything you go through. For my mamas and mamas to be, be easy on yourself and give grace to yourself when going through this journey. It is truly a beautiful one.
If you have a body positivity story, please share it and message me or comment on my social media HERE I’d love to hear from y’all!
Thank you and have a fabulous weekend!
Fashionably, still tired, and positive mama