Happy Saturday loves! I was recently in Vegas where I was part of a Mother’s Day segment on Las Vegas Now, and I had so much fun! I was there to share some fabulous Mother’s Day must-haves to make every stage easier as a mama. Las Vegas Now host, Lindsey Gurk and I had such a blast talking about being a mama and how these products help me every day. I got so many questions about these amazing brands that I thought it was time to give you all some info on each and every one of them and where you can get them for yourselves!

Lindsey Gurk and I on the set of Las Vegas Now.

Las Vegas Now Fab Mother’s Day Items

Ali with all her Mothers Day finds on a table in front of her.

First, I want to say that I love all of these! As a new mom, I often feel overwhelmed or I realize that I can’t do the things I used to be able to do in quite the same way. Everything is so much different when you have a baby! That’s why I’m in love with these brands. They help me do my mom thing and my Ali thing, which helps me keep some much-needed balance in my life!


Ali standing next to Dockatot on the set of Las Vegas Now.

One of my favorite items these days is Dockatot. It’s wonderful because it allows me to do everything I need to do as a mom and still keep my little one nearby. With Dockatot, I can keep my bundle of joy with me all the time, even while she sleeps! It’s a safe place for her to sleep. Its soft, bumper sides keep her from falling off in her sleep, and its breathable materials and 12 liters of air circulating through it per minute make it safe for her to sleep without having to worry about her breathing.

It also comes in a ton of fun, trendy prints, which I love, and has an easy to wash cover. Even the tubing inside can be washed! It comes in two sizes: Luxe for children up to 8 months old, and Grand for children from 9 months to 3 years.

Before you move on, remember it’s important to remember that this should never go in a crib. Keep it on a flat floor at all times. You can refer to Dockatot’s website for safe sleeping practices.

Eighteen B

Ali holding a box of Eighteen B in each hand on the set of Las Vegas Now.

I love Eighteen B, you guys. Being a mom doesn’t mean I’ve stopped taking care of myself, and Eighteen B helps me keep my skin looking beautiful! This stuff is the real deal. It was created by a young mom with a PhD in biomedical engineering, and it’s scientifically-designed to moisturize AND protect our skin. It uses a special b-silk protein that’s only available through this brand that forms a lightweight barrier that moisturizes as well as protects our skin from pollution, abrasion, and dirt! It’s the perfect double-duty beauty product for moms.

I use the hydrogel as a daily moisturizer because it layers well under sunscreen, make-up, and similar products I use. The rich cream is my go-to for nighttime skin repair. Both of them are clinically tested to deliver visible firming and lifting, enhanced smoothness, and overall radiance. They’re perfect for any mom who wants to look her best.

Here’s the big kicker, you guys. All Eighteen B products are vegan, clean, sustainable, and leaping bunny certified, so they’re as good to the environment and animals as they are to us.

You can get a great deal on Eighteen B products right now. Use my code: ALI15 at checkout to get $15.00 off your purchase through May 31st!

Sweat and Milk

You all know I’ve been on a mission to get back into shape since I had my baby. While I know I’ll never be quite the same as I was before I got pregnant – which I’m totally okay with – I do want to keep a healthy lifestyle so I can keep up with my little one. That’s why I’m in love with the sports bras from Sweat and Milk.

Being active is so important to me, but it can be hard to feed my baby when the girls are all cooped up in a sports bra. Sweat and Milk helps me stay active AND easily feed my baby at the same time. Created by Lucy Chalmeton, a mom who was never able to find sports bras that were stylish, supportive, and nursing friendly, Sweat and Milk is the answer for all active moms. They’re super stylish, high-quality, and functional, so I’m free to get sweaty and still breastfeed whenever the need arises. It’s the best of both worlds!

If you pick up some of these – and you should – use my code: ALILEVINE to get 15% off your order!


Ali in a green dress sitting in a chair and holding a jar of Yumi while on the set of Las Vegas Now.

Another favorite feature from my Las Vegas Now segment is Yumi. Yumi is a baby food delivery service that makes it super easy for moms to give their babies fresh, organic, nutrient-dense foods. I’m in love with their new Tot Box, which they just launched. It helps moms keep giving their baby super nutritious food while they transition from the breast or bottle to solid foods. Amelia Rei eats it every day along with my breast milk, and she loves it.

Tot Box features plant-based, super tasty heat-and-eat options that are super easy to give to our kids, and we get them fresh every week! They’re perfect for a snack or as sides for part of a larger meal. Tot Box comes with 3 patties – Cubano Bite, Pizza Bite, and Carrot Spinach Millet Bite AND a jar of Cauliflower Puffs. They’re perfect for on-the-go snacking.

What I love more than anything else about Yumi is that it’s super healthy. Their food is mapped out exactly to baby’s growth so we moms never have to worry, and all their purees and finger foods were developed by chefs and nutritionists to make them extra delicious and super healthy. They also prepare your baby’s palate to love healthy food rather than junk! I also love that I have more time with my little girl because I’m not chopping, preparing, and cleaning up a mess!

Pricing for this service starts at $35.00 a week, so it’s super affordable, too. Right now, it’s even more affordable When you use my code: ALILEVINE, you’ll get 60% off your first month!

Las Vegas Now and Mom Products was a Great Combination

Ali and Lindsey Gurk on the set of Las Vegas Now.

I had such a wonderful time showcasing all of these products on my Las Vegas Now segment. Lindsey Gurk was such a dream to work with, and all these products really excite me. I hope they excite you just as much, too. One thing I’ve learned as a mom is that good, quality products help make mom life easier, and I thoroughly believe in all of these. Go take a look at my Las Vegas Now segment and see these products in action!