Happy Saturday Style loves! Ali is super excited to announce her new collaboration with her good friend Heather Marianna from Beauty Kitchen!

For those of you that may not know, Heather started an all-natural beauty and skincare product line, Beauty Kitchen, after her success with the Beauty Kitchen YouTube series you may have seen before. Her line of products delivers an all- encompassing, luxurious at-home spa experience for the modern day glamour girl at an affordable price.

Ali immediately fell in love with these products during her pregnancy because they were the safest option for baby J. She not only loves the fact that they are all-natural, but they smell delicious and leave your skin feeling softer than a baby’s bottom:)

Also, an added bonus; throughout Ali’s pregnancy she was sick a lot, and these scents never made her sick to her stomach which was a god send. The taste of the lip scrub is also delicious, and Ali would recommend for pregnant woman as well:)


Becoming a mother and throughout the process of pregnancy Ali and Beauty Kitchen Teamed up to create her Insta-Glam Mommy kit.
4 amazing products in a trial sized kit perfect for moms on the go, or anyone on the go. With two options to choose from and a toss up of Gold or Pink Diamond Collagen Eye Gels along with a surprise flavored lip scrub in each kit (Strawberry, Acai, watermelon or Peach) you will go from drab to glam in minutes with this amazing kit.

Click the link below the kit description to choose either Cool as a Cucumber or Mom’s Spa Day as your scent, then enjoy the collagen eye gels and yummy edible lip scrub as a surprise! Every kit is different be sure to order a few for friends and busy moms you know!

Kit Includes;
2 ounce Body Splash (refresh you and your little one anytime on the go)

2 ounce Hand Sanitizer (perfect for on the go mom’s, a must have in the diaper or play ground bag)

1 Collagen Eye Gel, Gold or Pink Diamond included.

1 Edible Lip Scrub. Included are on these four chosen by Ali. Acai post Pilates, Mom’s as sweet as a Strawberry, Farmers market Watermelon, Mom’s night out Peach Bellini.

Cool as a Cucumber, Refreshing scent of Refreshing clear water blended with cucumber hydrosol. A refreshing treat for anytime hydration.

Mommy’s Spa Day;
A cool, fresh blend of apricot, geranium, cucumber and fresh water. A true clean spa scent.

Choose from Cool As A Cucumber or Mom’s Spa Day!

Kit comes shipped in a fashionable satin pouch chosen by Ali herself.


ps: First month free shipping!!