Gifts for Fathers is what we’re talking about on today’s installment of Saturday Style. Good morning, loves! I hope your weekend has been fabulous so far, and I hope you’re at least mostly finished with your Father’s Day shopping. I know it can be a tough one. It was always hard for my mom and me to shop for my dad. Dads just never seem to really want anything. I don’t know if they truly don’t want gifts or if they think it’s tacky. All I know for sure is that figuring out what dads want is like trying to pull teeth.

Well, I just did a segment on Las Vegas Now all about great gifts for fathers that dads will really love, and I wanted to share it with all of you. I know most of you probably haven’t finished shopping for Father’s Day yet, and these gifts make a great change from the ties and ratchet sets that we usually get our dads.

Ali on the set of Las Vegas Now with host and gifts for fathers.

Ali on the set of Las Vegas Now before the gifts for fathers segment.

Gifts for Fathers – Ties and Ratchets not Included

Ties and tools are nice, but really, how many ties can one man wear in his lifetime? The same goes for tools. A guy only needs so many ratchet sets and screwdrivers. These gifts are something different. These gifts are all about the guys and what they want. Even if your dad or husband says he doesn’t want anything or that he doesn’t care, you’ll get a big reaction with any of these. That’s really what we all want as moms and wives, isn’t it? We want them to feel special. These gifts do that! I had so much fun showing these off on the show, and now I’m showing them off here to help my fabulous readers get some amazing gifts for the dads in their lives.

MANSCAPED Lawn Mower 2.0

MANSCAPE trimmer and package on table.

It’s called the Lawn Mower, but this is actually a trimmer for the guy who likes to keep himself nicely groomed. If the dad in your life is all about the grooming, the MANSCAPED Lawn Mower 2.0 makes a perfect Father’s Day gift. Featured on Shark Tank, this trimmer has a powerful 6,000 RPM motor with QuietStroke technology that makes it a cutting machine that is also nice and quiet.

It’s waterproof and has ceramic blades with SkinSafe technology that prevents nicks and snags making it perfect for trimming beards or even the most sensitive body areas. it also has a low-drain rechargeable battery with a performance time of up to an hour.

It retails for $59.99 and has a wonderful Peak Hygiene Plan which delivers replacement blades every three months for $14.99. When you go to MANSCAPED and use the code: DAD20, you’ll save 20% and get free shipping, too!

Holy Grail Steak Co.

Holy Grail Steak Co. steaks and package on wooden cutting board.

Holy Grail Steak Co. IS the Holy Grail of gifts for fathers if you have a carnivore in your life, and really, most dads are. Holy Grail Steak Co. is an awesome gift idea for Father’s Day because it’s the only online source for genuine Kobe beef, the most tender, flavorful beef on the planet. They also have other options with high quality, Black Angus and Wagyu beef, as well. I featured a gift box from the company containing:

  • Bone-In USDA Upper Prime Strip Steak: A highly sought-after cut using the best quality, US-raised Black Angus beef.
  • Tajima Ribeye: A super-rich, 16-ounce ribeye which is a cross between Wagyu and Black Angus. It has double the marbling of USDA Prime.
  • A-5 Grade Wagyu Strip Steak: So tender you can cut it with a fork, this steak has tons of beautiful marbling and is the highest quality available.

Holy Grail Steak Co. is the perfect gift for any meat-loving father. Visit the Holy Grail Steak website and choose from a ton of great options, including gift cards so he can get exactly what he wants. Also, be sure to use the code: ALI20 for 20% off your entire order.

An Inside Crush

Pitcher, hand towel, stoneware, and tumblers on table.

And Inside Crush is an idea on my list of gifts for fathers that’s a little outside of the box. This is a home decor and accessories subscription and gift service. Every spring, summer, fall, and winter, the company will deliver a box filled with five personally curated, on-trend home decor and accessory items, making it easy to stay in style. Wait! Don’t go anywhere! I know home decor and men isn’t a combo that we normally think of, but it really works well with An Inside Crush.

On my Las Vegas Now segment I showcased their summer box, which is actually perfect for dads! It features a rattan picnic pitcher, Turkish cotton and bamboo blanket, a set of six glass picnic tumblers, a really handsome stoneware sugar jar with lid, and an oak wood cutting and serving board.

This is box is a great gift for a stylish dad who loves to entertain. The items in this box, in particular, make for a great upscale addition to backyard barbecues, and the recurring, seasonal subscription helps dad remain stylish without having to worry about it. I think that’s the real reason that more dads don’t try to be trendy. It’s just too much work for them. LOL

Visit An Inside Crush and learn more about their service, how they got started, and more. It’s pretty great.

Amazing Gifts for Fathers They’ll Love

Any dad would love any of these great ideas. Ties and tools have become the default gifts for fathers on Father’s Day, but I think that should change! We moms get all kinds of great stuff, and it changes every year. Why do dads have to get the same thing over and over again? If you’re still shopping for Father’s Day, do something different. Any of these options make great gifts for fathers, and I guarantee that no matter how much they say they don’t care, they’ll flip over these!