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Here’s some tips and styles to get you ready for the winter and holidays!!

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Stylish Outfit Attire to Wear to Your Office Christmas Party

With autumn now in full swing, before you know it the snow will be here, and it will be time for the party season to begin! Everyone loves the holiday season parties, but it can be difficult to decide what exactly to wear to them. While some offices may have a more casual Christmas party, others will be far more elaborate and require a fancier dress code. No matter what type of Christmas party you will be attending this year, we are here to help you get organised, so you don’t need to stress and can simply enjoy the night. Carry on reading to find out or stylish outfit ideas to wear to your office Christmas party this year.

Holiday Parties During Work Hours
If your office is having its Christmas party during working hours, then there will usually be a different type of dress code required. At this type of party, we would recommend that you glam up your outfit, but still wear something that is work-appropriate. You could make your outfit fancier with a nice dress, a pair of high heels found at dunelondon.com, a smart blazer and a touch of sparkle with your jewellery.

Holiday Parties After Work Hours
Holiday parties that are outside of working hours are usually a lot more fun and are a chance to let your hair down and get to know your co-workers a little better outside the confines of the office. It is always important to remember, however, that you are still socialising with the people that you work with and so you will need to consider what it is that you are wearing. It can be tough to find something that strikes a good balance between fun and professional and we would recommend that wear something that is modest, fitted but not clinging to you, and a great pair of tights can make you feel a lot more comfortable.
Before pulling out everything in your wardrobe, confirm the dress code as this will help you to narrow down your outfit selection. A high neckline can look great, especially when teamed with a sparkling necklace and you can always go a little bit higher on your skirt than you would on a typical office day. We would also recommend that you avoid sheer fabrics as the bright lights at the party may make you feel uncomfortable in your attire.

Holiday Party Tips for Men
It’s not only the women who have to worry about what to wear to the office holiday party as this can be a real struggle for men to decide what to wear too. Any nice dress shirt is a great option to wear but you should always make sure that you iron it first to create a good impression! This will only take a few minutes but will make a massive difference to your overall appearance. Something that many men tend to do is wear a nice suit but don’t think about what socks they are going to wear with it. A lovely suit can be totally ruined if you wear white socks with it, so make sure you reach for those black socks instead! However, you can always use your socks to have some fun with your outfit. Go for a bold colour to make a statement with your outfit.
Finally, for the office holiday party, make sure as part of your attire that you sport a clean-shaven look that will ensure you look polished and refined for the big night, or if you prefer a beard, ensure that it is trimmed and neat.


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