Happy Saturday my loves!

I’m so excited for this Saturday and what I’m blogging about because my little (not so little anymore) Amelia Rei is starting to show signs of crawling!! 😭 I can’t believe it!!

I thought I had more time before she’d try to take on the world, but nope this little bean is determined and going for it! Amelia already pushes herself up and down on her legs, and almost has her arms in motion ready to go! I have been encouraging her by putting toys in front of her, but also having her wear her crawling knee pads so she doesn’t hurt herself on our wood floors, as well as leggings and tights. I did this amazing collaboration with go baby go! Here is the link to their US website for my American friends and followers: https://www.gobabygo-shop.com/ but if  you click at the top of their website, they have many countries like the UK as well.

I love how smart and innovative they are with their crawling socks, tights, leggings, and more!
Here’s some pics below of Amelia trying to strut her stuff!
When did your babies crawl? When do you think Amelia will officially crawl?
I held a fun giveaway this weekend on my Instagram to let one lucky parent/mama win a crawling kit!! So much fun!!
Hope y’all have a great weekend!!