Happy Saturday loves!!

Wow! This past week has been pretty crazy! Thanks for baring with me as I catch up!!

Thank you first and foremost for all the love and prayers during the California wild fires!!! You have no idea how much it meant to me!! It was a crazy and scary week and we left home, lost internet for a few days, and we’re all over the place.
So so scary and I’m so thankful that we are okay and so is our home!! My heart goes out to everyone that is still dealing with all the horrible damage & loss from these fires. I can’t imagine.

Please, if you can do anything; donate, share information on your social media of how to help, get the word out, anything helps!! If you look at my social, I’m posting every day on my stories to share how to help everyone! 🙏🏻Instagram.com/alilevinedesign 

I wanted to use this weekend to try to catch my loves up! As we are approaching 2019, which I can’t believe!!! Honestly! Where does the time go? I’ve been working super hard on so many changes within my own brand, my own life, everything! This time of the year I do two things, really force myself to slow down and enjoy my loved ones and the holidays as it’s such a special time and this year being our baby girl Amelia’s first is even more special!! I also try to reflect, regroup, and figure out how I’m moving forward. I have so many exciting projects to share with y’all soon and I can’t wait!!

I’m working with so many incredible brands that I’m so grateful and excited to try and use! Stay tuned:)

My podcast has become such an amazing place to share with all of you what I’m up too, fun topics with my cohost Amanda Lauren and I, mom life on all my social, fashion advice, and so much more!

That being said, I love love hearing from all of you! I would love to know what y’all think of the recent switch ups that have been going on with my blog. I’m sure y’all have noticed and are curious. My ALD team and I decided we wanted to start switching things up. Different types of blog posts, different days, topics, feels? I would love to hear what you love and don’t love! Maybe something you want to see that I’m not doing?

Please as always message and comment!
You’ll see in the comment section there’s a new video option! That’s from an amazing new app called Yappa!! Check it out and leave me a message!! I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Let’s have some fun!!

Also, get ready for some holiday styles coming your way!! Will be sharing some fun holiday looks this week!!

Hope you are all doing fabulous and have a great weekend!!


Fashionably & always tired,