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Today’s style is all about breast-feeding style and breast-feeding awareness. 🤱

I just got back from Vegas, and it was so good to be back on camera doing my thing, and talking about a subject I am so passionate about as a new mom. The link is below so you can watch the fall segment and if you are following me on my Instagram which I hope you are, you can see some behind the scenes on my stories and more coming on my feed! I got to do the segment with Mercedes, I absolutely love her and she is a seasoned mom and always inspires me by everything she does and still juggles being a mom to two!! I am still figuring out how to manage one haha!! 🤣

I was so fortunate for this segment that I found some amazing products to share with everyone, to make their breast-feeding journey a little bit easier and the most amazing part was so many of the products were made by moms for moms!
I absolutely just love that!!

So inspiring to me as a new mom and just to open an out there that wonder how they do anything these moms are not only being amazing moms but also have created an incredible products that can help us all!!!

First off, let’s start with Spectra baby!! Spectra Baby Products

Spectra Baby ProductsSpectra Baby Products

This is my go too pump for many reasons, first off pumping is not so easy and it can be painful and spectra is all about it being a suckling feeling instead of a tug on your boob. I so appreciate that because it’s weird it out enough feeling for me personally,
So I appreciate the fact that they really kept this in mind when designing this pump. It’s super lightweight so it’s easy to pick up and carry anywhere, The pink color of it is to help soothe you because that’s what this color represents, which personally I love because I think that’s a really cool idea to keep in mind when you’re creating something for women and everything is so emotional for us especially during the time as a new mom and mom in general.
It also has a night light so you don’t have to turn the lights on if you’re pumping at night, which I always am after the baby is asleep.
There is also a backflow protection, so you don’t have to ever worry about bacteria getting into your milk!! Which is a real fear for most of us moms after we work so hard to pump we want to know our milk is safe and ok for the baby!! 👶🏼
They also have an incredible cooler bag that will keep your milk safe for 24 hours and cold. It will also fit up to six bottles and is so trendy and fashionable looking, it is just my go too!!
I have gotten so many messages when I’m pumping about my pump and why I love it, so now you know and many insurance companies cover it as well so definitely look into the spectra S2 To begin and help you and you’re breast-feeding and pumping journey!!
Oh and did I mention that it is approved by lactation expert’s and they have lactation customer service as well, and Being moms themselves they just totally get everything and it’s so comforting!!

Next, Lavie Mom, A lactation massager, truly genius.Lavie Mom, A lactation massager

I was just talking about pain with pumping and discomfort! This little massager truly eases any pain and discomfort that you are having. I put it in my pump bra all the time now, to not only help with getting more out of my milk supply, but just to give me a little massage and a little relief while I am working on more milk for my baby. Also, it’s super easy to use and hold because it shape and feel. It has multiple functions when it comes to the vibration so you can easily adjust the softness and the hardness to your own customization!!
It also helps get clogs out, and you all remember when I talked about my clogs and how I almost had mastitis, Which is no joke and so painful and can get you so sick !! So this is genius to help you move things around and take some of the complications out of nursing and pumping!
Thank you LaVie! Also, this product is so safe it can actually be used as a teether, and I wouldn’t of believed it if I had seen it for myself but Amelia tries to take it from me when I’m using it in the morning when I pump, and loves to suck on it. She just started pre-teething and it’s very comforting for her, and it’s comforting for me as a new mom to know she can do that and it is safe. Let’s be real babies put everything in their mouths, so it’s nice that when she grabs it from me I don’t have to worry!! Super affordable too, make sure you check it out. A must for your pumping needs!

Ok let’s talk Fashion and Moms 💝🌸!!
Why is it that that is such a struggle for so many of us? And there are so many companies that just don’t get it and not only make things hard but also we don’t feel pretty using and wearing it either!!
Nurselet Gets it!! Mom invented and patented, you must check this mama out and her products. First off, her nursing bracelet is one of a kind and there’s nothing else out there like it!Nurselet product. Helps with breast-feeding.
I demoed how it worked on my segment, and it is so easy to use and carry with you! Why wouldn’t you? There are many different colors and fabrics so that it can match what you’re wearing, and it literally turns any of your clothing into breast feeding friendly!! Any moms that are nursing know they can spend thousands of dollars on clothing trying to find something to make their lives easier. This mama Rupal, Wanted to take the guesswork out for you, and created this bracelet so that you literally can fasten it on anything, It will not only lift your shirt but it will keep your shirt up so there is no shirt in the face for your baby. Which Mercedes spoke about and said how the struggle is real when you’re feeding and out your clothing is always falling in their face while they’re trying to nurse and be comfortable!! So true!
Another genius product she came up with is the one arm out cover. It is the only cover on the market where you can have one arm out, and still be able to have eye contact with your baby which is so important, especially in the beginning of nursing and building that special bond!!

It’s also super fashionable in different prints and colors, breathable, and so versatile.
You can use on your stroller, car seat, grocery cart and hello after you’re done nursing rock it as a beach cover up! Yes please! 😎

Also, please check out her site at nurselet.com and use my code “Levine10” for a discount and you can check out her nursing pads I wear constantly to help leakage and there are so many great colors to match your wardrobe and bra, as well as her maternity tank top that grows with your belly!!

Last but certainly not least on my segment, I talked about the amazing brand, Love and Fit!
First off, I love the name. How cute is that?!
Laura is such an amazing mama and the sweetest. And as I said on the segment, say goodbye to frumpy nursing bras, hello to trendy sports bras. Ok let’s talk the color of these first, I love them!! 😍Trendy Sports Bra.  Bra from Love and FitThe Back Design of A bra from Love and Fit

Coral, periwinkle, and black! Perfect and they flatter all skin tones. So comfortable, I can vouche as I wear them and love them.
Best part is you can rock them and nurse in them. You can take the nursing pad out, like I showed on my segment, to make life easy on the go, and you can wear them for working out or running errands. There’s an amazing adjustable band in the back to help you with your post partum body and adjusting comfortably.
The fabric is so soft and comfortable and truly the softest I’ve felt, and I’ve tried a lot of nursing bras! Let me tell you.
Oh and besides her bras, her leggings!
They compress your not so flat tummy, if you’re me! Haha! Struggle is real.
They are so comfortable and feel comfortable on a c -section mama like me.
And they make feel sexy with the cut outs on bottom and they seriously give you a lift in your bum! Love love! Check out her whole line, she has some great stuff coming for the fall at loveandfit.com and use my code “Levine10” for a discount on shopping!

Don’t forget to check out my segment here and watch please! This was such an important and fun segment for me & I love being able to work with other amazing moms and bring their amazing products to life!!

Happy Saturday and thank you to all the mamas for all the support and always to my followers!
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