Hi loves! Happy Saturday! I’m sure you’ve seen all over Facebook and social media the 10 year challenge!

Bounce Back in Style?

Instead of the 10 year challenge, I’m doing my own sort of challenge. To myself, to share my body exactly where it’s at without shame.
This is an emotional one for me but I think it’s important to share and be open. Wherever you are in your postpartum journey I encourage you to do the same!

9 months in, 9 months out! Wow!!

What a journey it has been so far. I can’t believe that I’ve been a mom for the same length of time I was pregnant! I have to be honest sharing this is quite hard for me as I had high hopes that my body would be “back to normal” by now. In my mind, I would have that “bounce back” most moms post and talk about in the social media world.

My body is nowhere near where I’d like to be. I had no idea how this was all going to be, but in mind, I would have that bounce back too! I thought easily my pre-pregnancy jeans would fit. Losing the baby weight is different for everyone I’m slowly learning and isn’t an exact science and the whole “9 months in, 9 months out” but there’s such a pressure on moms to bounce back, and once they hit that date it’s like normal for a mom to think they should be there.

There’s so much pressure..

And then to go through an unexpected c section and have diastasis recti after it, the bounce back is even harder. My stomach is squishier, my hips are wider. Hence why I’m not in the same bathing suit, haha it doesn’t fit 😅
Though I do love this new montceswim 👙suit!

Your Body Did Amazing Things

I’m trying to tell myself instead of feeling bummed by the things that aren’t quite the way they used to be, think of all the things my body can do now. First off, I carried and had a baby! My body did what it was supposed to do which is just amazing! I get so emotional 😭over the way I look and then I remember, this body created and carried this sweet little bean!! Speaking of, after carrying my baby girl, I do struggle with stretch marks and highly recommend reading this article https://www.metdaan.com/getting-rid-stretch-marks/

New Super-Human Reflexes

Other moms remind me I’m able to carry a stroller the size of a Buick up the stairs with one hand. 😂 I can carry a stroller, a car seat and juggle a diaper bag! Impressive! Lol!
My now superhuman reflexes allows me to catch anything and jump at a seconds notice , without even looking, while washing a bottle, a pump, a teether. I somehow have an ability to function on only five hours of sleep. And my heart is more full than ever!! Yep, need to remind myself, you’re pretty remarkable. All moms are.

Allow Yourself to Bounce Back

Reminding myself to give grace to this body, to the process, to who I am. I’m more in love 😍 than I ever thought I could be!! And that’s worth it all.
Mamas, please share with me your feelings on this? Let’s open the conversation about the “bounce back”. #bouncebackchallenge

Let’s Chat

For those new mama’s, moms, in general, how do you feel about your body? How do you handle your emotions? What would you like to share?
I’d love to hear.

Please leave a voice message or video if you feel comfortable on my yappa app when you scroll to the bottom of this blog, you can leave me a personal message about this post and what you think. I’d love to hear ❤️

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday and weekend.

Thank you for all the love and continuous conversation and messages! I’m grateful for y’all!


Fashionably & always tired,


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