Beautycon 2017 was such an incredible event. I still can’t believe how fabulous it was and probably my favorite year yet on the pink carpet!! There are so many new products and brands I discovered and fell deeper in love with some I already knew!! Honestly it’s way too much to cover one post, so I’ve decided with my podcast partner Amanda Lauren🙂 you will get to hear the most on the podcast, which will go live on August 21st. I may give you some more deets on the blog here and there but if you really want the scoop, listen!! We were in the VIP room and speaking to the hottest brands reps and more!! It seriously was so much fun!!

I was so excited about all the break out brands and all the experts who shared their best tips and tricks for me and our listeners!! This podcast is like true behind the scenes and tips straight from the horses mouth as they say! So on that note are some of my fave products from beautycon this year and some insider deets that I just can’t keep to myself and would feel bad not sharing!!

Kate Somerville

I finally tried their Holy Grail product, as Amanda Lauren puts it to me called ExfoliKate and it was exactly what I was missing in my skincare routine. What an amaze product and truly changes the look of your face! It’s gentle yet the perfect exfoliant! Honestly I fell in love with this line and their team that weekend!

ExfoliKate is a physical and chemical exfoliator in one. All you have to do is rub it in for 30 seconds and leave it on for two minutes. It’s way less of a commitment than a facial mask and actually works instantly. Which is perfect for me because honestly I love the glow but don’t have the patience!!

I also tried UncompliKated Soft Focus Makeup Setting Spray SPF 50. We all know how important sunscreen is and I’m trying to be better about it! This is easy done in 30 seconds and you can wear with your makeup yay!!


Ok anyone that has watched my IG stories, snap stories and been to my home, knows my obsession with Morphe see amanda Lauren’s joke( I first discovered this brand in Ali’s bathroom (not even a joke) and I am now obsessed.) Haha! I’m good at getting my friends obsessed with my obsessions! I think it’s a gift 😘 💄 #alified

Morphe makes the most gorgeous eyeshadow palettes in all seriousness . They have multiple textures including shimmery and matte in one palette, which is so not the norm and gives you so many options!!! I love all their colors, I swear I’ve tried so many!! The entire line is very affordable, but also lux, which we all know never happens. Cheap but chic my favorite kind of buy! This is a must have!!

Morphe gifted me an entire kit and I can’t wait to try everything new!! Go get it yourself you won’t be disappointed for real!! I love you morphe!! ( I’m an original) 😍

Carol’s Daughter

Almond milk! Need I say more?! Omg this line smells so good and works so good!

At the event, I tried their Almond Cookie Shea Soufflé. Omg it smells like heaven. It has great texture and works incredible!! I will definitely be getting more into this line!! Not only does it smell good, it’s good for you:)?!

Baby Foot

Another amaze product I already knew of but got to get a new sample was Baby Foot! 

Baby Foot is an amazingly innovative foot care product that will make your feet as smooth and soft as a baby’s foot. Hence the name! You know a baby’s bottom girls?! 🙂 The formula is of 17 types of natural extracts and it allows your feet to exfoliate naturally leaving them highly moisturized!! I don’t know about you dolls but my feet from my heels are always raw, so I’m so excited to try baby foots new product and watch my feet peel and feel extra smooth:)


Last but not least, Jergens hooked me up with all their new wet skin moisturizer lines and I already love them!! I love the idea that you can put this on your skin and keep your skin moist!! How many times do we struggle with getting out of the shower putting lotion on and it feels weird and then your skin doesn’t even feel moisturized?! Hello Jergens genius and they hooked me up with all the scents to try!!

All in all beautycon was a fabulous success from the pink carpet to the podcast to all my beautiful new brand swag I took home!
Thank you for having me beautycon!! 😘😘💋

Fashionably & More beautifully yours,