Happy Saturday Style loves! With baby J’s arrival right around the corner, I have been searching for the best most safe product for her and me. It’s not as hard as it use to be to find safe baby products because of all the resources we have today, which I am forever thankful for.

From both of my baby showers, I have racked up on some amazing things! I cannot wait to use everything and learn about each and every product once she is here.

Until then, I have linked some products I am most excited about, plus a few maternity fashion pieces.

Hope you all have a fab Saturday and enjoy these products:)

Baby Products

These Honest Company Diapers & training pants are so cute! You don’t normally see patterned diapers. Love these

Moby Classic Wrap from Baby-sit is the perfect thing to keep your baby close. As newborns baby love/need that skin to skin contact and feel close to the mother. This wrap is the perfect product for that.

These Mam Orthodontic Pacifiers have a nipple designed for healthy oral development. These pacifiers flatten & mold to your baby’s mouth to fit the cavity inside their mouth. Only $5.99 on Amazon­čÖé

The Project Nursery Dreamweaver Smart Light + Sound Soother will be the perfect asset to your baby’s new nursery. It not only has relaxing fluttery lights but it also plays soothing tunes┬áfrom your smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth┬«.

How precious is this bath wrap from Project Nursery?? They have many different wraps for girls and boys. They are so cute!

Project Nursery has some Fab fashionable diaper bags!

OMG! Project Nursery has the best stuff! How cute are these bibs?? You guys have to checkout this brand! So cutee

Maternity Fashion

Pink Blush Floral dress- Perfect for spring!

Maternity Leggings from Uniqlo

Kindred Bravely has the most comfortable maternity clothing! I have been living in Kindred Bravely!!