Hi mamas & all my loves,

How are YOU doing?! What a crazy time and I’m sure so many of you are anxious, nervous, exhausted, emotional and stir crazy. Being real, I know I am and I’ve been doing my best to manage as best as I can! 🙏🏻
I feel like this year got off to such a fast start and every time I went to write an update, life was SO busy!! Now, life is going so slow and I feel like I have time for everything and then some. Such a weird feeling?! I’ve been meaning to blog but honestly, I haven’t known what I want to say.
So I figured I’d just start typing, and see where it took me. I hope everyone is hanging in right now, and doing what they can to survive and handle this new normal. That’s all we can do right?!
I’ve been working hard on being very intentional on how I start my mornings, I started the intentional mornings at the beginning of the year, and especially now. Protecting my morning, starting with reading, meditation 🧘‍♀️ with Journey Live App – I personally love guided meditations. Helps me focus and I love that journey has many different subjects they focus on too and right now with all that’s going on with covid19, they are offering the app free when it’s normally a paid membership.
So my mornings have been reading, meditation and journaling mostly. Then some stretching being that I’m so uncomfortable  😣  in my third trimester of my pregnancy and washing my face and getting into comfortable pajamas or athleisure wear to start my day these days.
Who else is pajama chic lately?! I’m really upping my pajama and cozy-chic game these days!! Haha! One of my faves I’m always rocking is Kindred Bravely. If you’ve been following me from when I was pregnant with Amelia Rei, you’ll know I lived in Kindred Bravely. Especially their bras and underwear, so cozy and like the only underwear 🩲 I want to wear being so pregnant.
So, of course, I had to team up with them again for a fun giveaway for my mamas and mamas to be, you can check ou the Kindred Bravely giveaway here.
And if you wanna shop now for cute pieces to live in and feel brave in, use CODE “ALI20”. I’m literally obsessed with how cozy-chic all their pieces are and love this robe giveaway!
I’m also using this time to work on new wellness practices, going within, and finding silver linings with all going on, it’s truly keeping me sane and letting me check in with myself.
What are you doing to check in with yourself? Are you finding new practices or ideas to try?
Another practice I’m working on is limiting my exposure to blue light and being on my screen so much. I’ve noticed when I start my day without the screen first and go to bed without as well, or block the blue light, I sleep better. So I recently partnered with Blublox and I am OBSESSED!! Have y’all noticed that most blue light glasses  🤓  are not the cutest and some don’t even really work?! Well not these! I Promise You! Blublox works and are so chic!
I love my frames and so does my hubby! Hubby’s headaches are fading from wearing them every day working from home now, I have noticed I’m sleeping better even with my insomnia in pregnancy🤰, I don’t feel as much of an eye strain, and honestly I feel cute in them hehe!  I have never been a glasses person but these are CUTE on me! Visit Blublox to check them out!
And you can use CODE “ALILEVINE15”. If you check out my IG, you’ll see me rocking a couple different frames I’m loving!
What else do I want to fill you all in on?!
Hmm, have you checked out my podcast lately?! I’ve had some amazing guests on and recently hit 12K downloads, so EXCITED!! This passion project has turned into so much more and I’m so excited to see where it goes!! I’m always open to guest suggestions, so please DM me or email me if you’re listening or any feedback, I love hearing from everyone!!
Here’s the direct link for the Stripped Down podcast in case you haven’t checked it out, being that we are all at home, I figured nows a good time to subscribe and listen! I listen to so many podcasts too, and especially right now, love listening and absorbing it all!!
I can’t believe how soon I’ll be having my second baby girl enter this world!! I’m so excited yet emotional and nervous about so much too! Obviously, with all going on, all the outside factors are weighing on my heart, but just even the thought of the real transition coming of being a mama of 1 to 2!! I think Amelia Rei is going to be an amazing big sister and really want to help.
She rocks her dolls right now and sings, and kisses my belly all the time and says, “Hi baby! Hi, baby sista.” It’s the sweetest thing ever!! 🤗
I’m really excited to see their relationship over time and how our family grows!!
However, right now I’m super thankful and grateful that we are getting to spend so much time as a family of 3, due to being home. Justin’s working from home, which would have never been, I’m getting more relaxing time and downtime with him helping with Amelia more and we are getting to spend more time as a family.
So I’m cherishing these little moments of Amelia and daddy getting their time, the 3 of us watching shows and having late-night dance parties, reading stories, ice cream evenings, and more!! That’s my silver lining right now and I’m really loving it 🥰!!
As much as this slowness is not the pace I’m used too or most of us are, I’m trying to learn and evolve in this pausing, and let my mind and body reset. I’m learning to appreciate little things that aren’t so little anymore. I hope we all are. I know this “too shall pass” and in the meanwhile, for the most part, I’m doing my best to make the most of it!!
Amelia’s going to be 2 this week and I can’t believe it! I think Justin and I are going to make her a cute little cake for the 3 of us to enjoy and celebrate 😊 🎉 🥳 with her! Something else we wouldn’t necessarily do! I’m excited to put my baking hat on and get inspired and have some fun!
I’ll be sharing it for sure! 💕
Ok, I feel like that’s a good start to an update, more coming soon! I’m 33 weeks this week, feeling pregnant as ever, waddling around and really feeling baby girl down there, sooooo low!! Never experienced that with Amelia Rei, and wow this is a new feeling of discomfort for me! Do any other mamas feel this?!
Ouch 😣!! The stretching, the tightness, the pain it’s all there!! Can you see how LOW she is here?!

On that note, I’m off to bed as I have a check-up and have to venture into the world, so I’ll be getting my mask 😷 and gloves 🧤 and all ready!
Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home!!
More updates coming soon!!
Tired & not so fashionable,