Happy Mommy Monday to my mamas and soon to be mamas! We are getting messy over here! LOL. I am loving getting to watch my baby girl enjoy her solids and tasting so many different foods!! It’s so much fun! Her faces, her excitement, her disappointment with broccoli 🥦 haha! It’s all so much fun and messy wow!
It’s already a full time job for me to keep up with Amelia Rei, and now you add in food… craziness. That’s why I am so happy to have Yumi in mine and Amelia’s life.

The food is not only fresh and delicious (yes I have tasted it😋), but Amelia loves it 😍 It’s also delivered to my front door every week! It makes my life so much easier!

Let’s be real, it gets messy, but they make the best pics 😂 
Happy Monday my loves, remember no matter what you’ve got going on, enjoy the little moments. I keep telling myself this and working on taking the time to enjoy.

Have a fabulous week!!


Fashionably Yours, tired & messy