Hi mamas and moms to be!
Happy Monday! Haha well Thursday when I’m writing this. Can I be honest? I let myself take a break from social media to enjoy my loved ones and it was so nice 🥰😌 Nicer than expected actually! I hope you had an amazing Christmas and happy holidays to y’all!!

It was so magical seeing Amelia’s first Christmas and the excitement in her eyes. I can’t wait to see her really get excited and know what Christmas is as she grows!!

My heart is so full!! It’s been amazing being with family and getting to have some downtime.❤️❤️

Now… LOL let’s talk about something not so warm and fuzzy. Traveling with an infant 😆🤣🙃🤪😫
I got so many messages on my social media asking me how it was going, let them know how Amelia Rei traveled and how I handled as a new mom. I’ve flown twice before with Amelia when she was 4 months old.

Okay let’s start with the first flight. Cause yes there were two! There’s no direct flight to Sanibel, Florida, sadly. At least not from LA. The first flight I nursed Amelia when we were ready to take off. She went to sleep pretty quickly; basically on me while nursing. Then I moved after like an hour lol and she started screaming 😱 lol! Brought me back to the days of nursing her in bed, when she was real little and she would fall off my nipple and then start to scream lol!! So much fun.

Anyways, so then Daddy took her and she fell asleep on him after a little rocking. We made sure we gave her as many cues as we could, which is super hard obviously being on a plane.
What I did was, bring her sleep sack (nested bean), have a nursing cover, some of my faves are milk snob, NursElet and covered goods.
It’s great for multiple use, covering her to create darkness and then of course to nurse her.
The noise of the plane is kind of loud like her white noise, not the same but at least something?

I’ve learned no matter where we go, cues are the best way to keep her on schedule and teach her what’s “normal”.  It gives her like a safety net & comfort.

So Amelia slept a bit on the flight between the two of us and the fact I think it was a red eye really helped, because she would be sleeping if she was at home.

Now the second flight, it was 6:17 am and well ha 😝 that didn’t go well! Amelia Rei was “that child” and was screaming her head off. Between teething, her top two teeth are almost through 😬, being over tired and not wanting to sit still it was not fun.
We did the best we could do and tried to calm her. I brought my baby carrier, so I could rock her and have my arms free. Amelia likes that it feels womb like. 👶🏼 So I stood up walked up and down the aisles, so did Daddy and we did our best. I nursed her again landing so her ears weren’t horrible and we managed & tried to laugh 🤭 off all the crying 😭 and screaming.
I kept telling myself “it’s not as loud as I think it sounds” is what another mom once told me and I keep that with me.

The best advice I could give with traveling, would be, go with the flow as much as you can and adjust as you need too. Babies will adjust and they feed off you and your energy when you freak. I’ve learned that. So I try to let it roll and do the best we can do.

Luckily since we’ve been in Florida, Amelia is sleeping great. We brought her white noise machine, pack and play, she sleeps in her jammies with her sleep sack, teething medicine to give her at night and her aroma fairy 🧚‍♀️ that I put on her every night and every nap to send her cues that it’s time for sleep.

What cues do you do for baby to sleep?

When you travel do you stick to a routine or does it go out the window?

I’ve been letting Amelia stick to her two nap routine, one in the morning, one in the afternoon if we are home. If we aren’t home, and we are out, I bring her cover with me to cover her stroller and car seat so she naps on the go, and I let her sleep in longer in the morning to catch up on what she misses during the day.
Overall, she’s sleeping great and comfortable.
👏🏻!! Must be the beach 🏖 air 😉

Alright, we are off to shop and go in the pool and celebrate Daddy’s birthday 🎂!! Justin’s first birthday as a Daddy. Amelia is such a water baby and loves the pool, it’s so much fun!!

Happy week loves!! Thanks for all the messages and questions! Keep them coming, I love sharing!
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Can’t wait to hear from you!!


Fashionably & hot mess,