Happy Mommy Monday loves! Well actually technically it’s Tuesday and that’s mom life to a T! Right?! You get things done as you can! It’s about 1 am on the east coast and I’m up nursing 🤱 Amelia Rei because sadly she is off schedule. She’s waking up in the middle of the night more since we got to NY to visit my parents. Amelia before this trip, has been sleeping so much better since I’ve been sleep training and having her in her sleep sacks, but sadly travel has been messing with her. I mean I don’t really blame her, we are in a different time zone and she’s all off on her normalcy and what she’s used too.

So today I thought I’d talk travel.
One thing Im sticking to even with being away as much as I can, is keeping Amelia’s routine!
Routines are so important and they learn them quickly and truly need them, just like we need them as adults. So while I’ve been away with her I’m trying to keep as many things as normal as I can for her. Even if Amelia doesn’t get to bed around 8-8:30 like normal, I’m still putting her in her zen sleep sack to send her cues it’s time for sleep, and I’m still dream feeding her between 11 pm- 12 am.

I pump two times a day to have enough for her dream feeds since we are away from my normal freezer stash at home. I try to get her 2-3 naps in a day even if we are out running around. I bring her sack or her nested bean footies with me to send the same cue and it helps put her to sleep.

I try to turn the lights low and have everything around her say it’s bedtime like we do at home.

I brought her white noise with me (her hush) machine that’s portable, 🤫 so she feels more comfortable since she has that at home.
(I swear by it. So helpful for her since she was a newborn). I’ve even gotten used to it haha even though my husband says he can’t deal lol!!

I also brought her dockatot with us, not only because she loves it to play in, but I had a feeling she may not be comfortable in the pack and play yet, and I was right!! Amelia was overwhelmed with how open and big the pack and play was, so the dockatot was able to be like a “basinette” esque feeling for her! I can tell she feels safe and cozy having it and I’m so glad we brought it!
And then during the day she can play in it like she would at home, perfect to have for travel for both reasons!

I also brought her favorite toys to give her familiarity and comfort in a new environment.

Traveling is not easy with a newborn that’s for sure, but I can tell as much as I’m overwhelmed and exhausted by Amelia being a little unsettled, she appreciates the routines and me trying to keep her as normal as I can and on schedule as possible.

We head home this week and I can tell she’s tired and ready to go but had so much fun meeting everyone and spending quality time.

As a new mom I’m learning how important her schedule and cues truly are!
Even in the craziness of travel and time difference and being out later than her bedtime some nights, it still gives her security.
Our little ones look to us for that.
Any type of routine we can establish at a young age is key.

I’m hoping when we get home she’ll get back to her normal sleeping and not wake in the middle of the night like she is now, so both of us can get rest and much needed sleep! Flying home this week I will nurse her on the plane before takeoff so she is comforted and goes to sleep. I’ll also nurse her before we land so her ears don’t bother her. I also sprayed breast milk in her ears traveling back to the east coast so I’ll do the same going home. I heard it works from many moms and my pediatrician! So gotta do it flying back!

Any travel tricks I should know mommas out there? Anything to share?

Happy Monday and Labor Day! Hope everyone is rested and relaxed.


Fashionably and tired,