Happy Monday mamas and moms to be!

Wow it’s been a hot min! Mainly because I no longer have that time I had to blog in the mornings and throughout the day, when baby girl used to sleep long stretches for a nap, play on her mat and lay there and be content. Wow what a difference a couple months make! I have seen such a change and leap from 6 months to 8!! Amelia Rei is like her own little person!! It’s wild and surreal!!
The days of getting things done for long stretches for now are over. However, I’m using this time to soak in everything. My mother in law gave me a sign for Amelia’s nursery and it talks all about things not getting done in the house and how you enjoy those little moments because “babies don’t keep.” And wow is that true!! They don’t!! I can’t believe Amelia is already 8 months and soon to be 1!! It’s so insane to me. Where does that time go?
So I’m trying to relish in so much right now since time won’t slow down and not worry so much about getting the blog up on time or having to be on a schedule. Babies don’t have schedules, babies live in the moment and teach us how to enjoy life. It’s crazy how much Amelia Rei has already taught me.
As a new mom I’m learning so much about myself and how to navigate motherhood. To all the moms that are seasoned moms, truly you are hero’s and superwomen at least! That goes for my mom & mother in law! How did you get everything done?!! – the million dollar question lol!!
I’m so excited to go to Florida for Christmas this year! Amelia’s first time in Sanibel, one of my favorite places since I was little, and all the family together. It will be so nice 🤗
What’s everyone doing for the holidays?!
Don’t forget you can use my new app Yappa and leave me a personalized video or audio recording! I love the yaps that have been coming in and how personalized the questions are! Keep them coming!!
So what have I been up too these last few weeks? Besides being crazy in motherhood haha! Amelia’s teething 😬 That’s been fun! Her bottom two are in and her top two are coming!! Between painful 😣nursing 🤱and her fussiness 😩it’s been hard!! Amelia is such a good baby. Always smiling, super sweet, great mood, and always happy. So it’s hard to see her go up and down and be in so much pain.
A lot of moms have been messaging me on my email and social media asking what I’m doing for her teething, and what I’m using, so I wanted to share my Amazon link here, for y’all to see and shop direct! https://www.amazon.com/shop/alilevinedesign
I will keep adding to my list and recommendations as I learn and go. If you have anything specific you want me to add, just let me know:)
Thank you so much for your love & support.
Enjoy the rest of your week lovelies!! It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year!!
Fashionably & always tired & a hot mess,
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