Sweat and Milk is the best, you guys! I just want to get that right out there before anything else. Oh, and happy Mommy Monday, too! As always I’m here to give you an update on mom life and how I’m dealing with all the ups and downs of being a new mom while juggling being an influencer, stylist, and all the other balls I have to keep in the air. Today, it’s all about my continuing goal to stay active and healthy and how Sweat and Milk is helping me do that.

Ali in a dance pose in front of Emelia's play area.

Staying Active for the Right Reasons

Ali in a pink Sweat and Milk top sitting next to Emila while she plays.

A few months ago, I shared my thoughts on bouncing back from pregnancy and the struggle I had to love myself and the new body I have. At first, I really wanted my old body back – you know, the one with no tummy bulge and squishy skin that could wear the cutest bikinis no matter how big or small. What I came to realize through that journey is that I’ll never have the body I did before my little angel came into the world, and I’m totally okay with that. The body I have now did amazing things. It made a baby! It made the best baby ever, if I do say so, and that’s the biggest reason I love it so much.

These days, I still want to stay active, but I want to do it for the right reasons. I’m in love with my body and my baby, and I want to make sure I stay healthy, active, and happy. I want to always be able to do all the things that make mommyhood so great, and as she grows, I want Amelia Rei to have no limits on what she can do just because mommy can’t keep up. That’s why I’m more committed than ever to stay active and stay active for the right reasons. It’s like the saying goes, I workout because I love myself, not because I hate myself.

The Challenges of Staying Active as a New Mom

Ali in a pink Sweat and Milk top holding her baby over her head.

As a newish mom, there have been lots of challenges to staying active. Of course, in the beginning, there were physical limitations. Giving birth is NOT easy, and there’s a period of just bouncing back physically. I’m through all of that. The challenges of working out now are more logistical. I have to figure out how I can work out and still do all my mom stuff. For me, that means either setting up my Pack and Play or Dockatot nearby while I work out. It also means that I have to find a way to be comfortable while I work out and still be able to breastfeed Amelia if she needs it. Let me tell you, breastfeeding has been the hardest part by far. Have you ever tried to get your boobs (or even one boob) out of a regular sports bra? It’s like breaking out of sports bra prison! It has been so tough, but now I have some wonderful new sports bras that make it super easy for me to be comfortable while I workout and still breastfeed whenever I need to. It’s also been a big help in getting the balance back in my life because I can be active and be a mom without having to choose between the two.

Staying Active with Sweat and Milk

Ali in a pink Sweat and Milk top next to her baby in a play area.

Sweat and Milk is my answer to staying active and being able to breastfeed at any time. This wonderful line of sports bras was designed by a mom just like me. The founder, Lucy Chalmeton, designed these bras because she couldn’t find sports bras that were stylish, supportive, and nursing-friendly. I’m in love with these bras, ladies. They keep the girls supported and where they need to be, which is important when you’re breastfeeding. One thing no one tells you about breastfeeding and pregnancy is how much bigger your breasts get. It’s hard to keep them where they need to be sometimes!

Sweat and Milk does that and more. They have a crossed back that offers extra stability, super cute colors, and with one snap or zip, I’m able to easily breastfeed Amelia without all the escape artist tricks I had to use with my other sports bras. Now, I can stay active, look cute, and easily breastfeed at a moment’s notice. It’s made working out so much easier!

Sweat and Milk Makes Staying Active Easy and Stylish

Ali in a pink Sweat and Milk top holding Emelia in her blue and pink outfit.

We all want to be healthy and strong for our kids, and with Sweat and Milk we can do that so much more easily and be super stylish at the same time! If you’ve been struggling with working out while breastfeeding, I can’t recommend Sweat and Milk enough. In fact, I recommend it so much that I’m offering a code to help entice you to go order because I know you’ll love these sports bras, too. When you use my code: ALILEVINE, you’ll get 15% off your order. Give them a try, my dears. You’ll love them!