Happy Mommy Monday Mommas!
I can’t believe my baby girl is almost 6 months!!
Where does the time go?
This weekend she had a big milestone and started solid food!
My hubby made her fresh organic carrot 🥕 and puréed for her and I would say overall it was a success! Wow is she hungry! All she does is stare at our food now haha with her tongue out!

I’m so excited to see her reactions to her next foods as we try. It was pretty cute watching her not be sure and by the end of it trying to feed herself with her Tiffany & co spoon 😂 from my girlfriend Amanda. We were hysterical.
Who else has funny stories of their babies firsts with food?
She was wearing it by the end of it and so happy haha!

Any advice with solids? What did you start with? Were you a vegetable or fruit first mom/parent?
We are trying vegetables in hopes she eats them first and sticks to them! To this day I’m awful with my veggies!!

Any surprises I should know about?

I’m still exclusively breast feeding 🤱 besides pumping twice a day, any advice with that?
I’ve heard you don’t nurse as much as they get more full with solids. I probably nurse 10x a day sometimes more. Amelia is on mostly 4 hr stretches but it can depend on her hunger levels.

I’d love to hear what you do or are doing.
New mom here 💁‍♀️!!

Happy Monday y’all! Stay tuned as I’m going to be working with Yumi soon to curate her menu and have her trying all kinds of fun stuff!!


Fashionably & Excited,