Happy Mommy Monday momma’s and mom’s to be, this one is for you!

I recently visited the fabulous Pink Blush studio and it was so much fun!
For y’all that follow me know how much I love pink blush and how they dressed during Mr pregnancy 🤰 and now post partum.
They truly get style, comfort and trends.
I love the variety of their clothing too!
I had so much fun picking my fave fall pieces to style from their new collections and dress up in their studio and show why I love them 😍 and get to talk about it.
That’s what I do as a stylist for many clients so it was fun to do it for myself as a new mom and go LIVE with thousands, to talk trends, birth and new mom life, my journey.
I’m hosting a flash giveaway for those wanting some pink blush goodies!! Make sure you go to my Instagram to enter!!! This really will be a flash!! Click HERE to enter
See below some of my fave looks I wore and picked! Plus a pregnancy throwback of course! 🙂
What’s your favorite look?! Let me know!!
Fashionably thanks to Pink Blush,
PS I love their motto, pretty in pink blush!
We should all feel pretty especially when pregnant and in our post partum journey.