Hi Mama’s and my mom’s to be!!

Once again this is fashionably late for you, I feel like that’s my theme now.. haha!!😂
Honestly, I am learning to just go with the flow (which I hate to do) and give myself grace with all of it. Amelia Rei will only be little once!! Being that she’s almost 1, I am trying to really enjoy and be in the moment with her.
That being said, let me fill you in on my latest venture to Mechancisburg, PA!!
It was a quick 24 hour whirlwind of a trip literally!!
So first off, back story, I met the amazing celebrity hair stylist Travis King almost a year ago when I was checking out his products for my TV Segment for Las Vegas.
I fell in love with the product and how well it worked, and so we started talking.
Next thing I knew I was learning all about the story behind the product, his beautiful wife Deborah and her struggle with postpartum depression and everything else that comes along with motherhood. It truly touched my heart and I knew we had met for a true reason. You know when you get goosebumps about people you meet and journeys and the way things align? All the feels! He created the product to make her feel beautiful even being stuck at home with the kids in sweats as a mom. Which we all know so well, I know I do!
There are so many days where it’s so easy to not feel beautiful!!
He created the shampoo workshop product to let you basically give yourself an easy blow out look at home and one that maintained. And let me tell you, it works!!
All natural ingredients too, coffee infused so safe for you, the baby, and nursing!
So anyways, fast forward to now, and the bigger picture that Travis had in mind was helping all of us women out there that go through all kinds of struggles with beauty and feeling good about ourselves on a daily basis. We just need that little pick me up to feel good, right?
When you get your hair done, or get a new beauty product you truly love, you feel like a new woman, right??
Well, that’s how Shampoo Workshop was born!! www.shampooworkshop.comthe actual space in Mechanicsburg, PA. and soon to be our online store.
I am the proud Co-Owner of this amazing spot and truly new beauty space.
We have so many amazing brands coming on board to support in store and online to sell, I can’t wait for ya’ll to check it all out!!
Our idea is, “Beauty is a Feeling” everyone should experience it, whether you come into our blow dry bar and do a self blow dry, get your hair done, or just shop products, you are pampering yourself and feeling good!! That’s what we want!
I flew in for the soft launch of this amazing new space, and I couldn’t of felt more loved and honored to be a part of something so magical!!
Check out some pictures below and check out the website! We have a lot coming soon so stay tuned!!
If you’re local to Mechanicsburg, PA please go in and say hello and get a blow out or buy an amazing product to try! We can help you pick as well!!
This week as a special celebration for the start of our amazing new post and partnership:
  • 50 % off all products – 3/5
  • 40 % off all products 3/6
  • 30% off all products 3/7
  • 20% off all products 3/8
  • 10% off Saturday and Sunday 3/9-3/10
  • 99 cent hair cuts too * (excluding Travis)
Come in and experience beauty!! Thank you all for your support in advance.
Fashionably & still a very tired mama