Hi Mama’s and moms to be!! Happy New Yeas Eve & New Years in advance!! 
I have been feeling a little under the weather from all the travel and being so busy, that the hubby and I have decided we wanted to do a comfy cozy pj’s kind of New Years this year! It’s a special one with our little Amelia Rei and we are enjoying being new parents so much, that we think this is just perfect for us! Our friends Lindsay and Jake are going to join us with their beautiful Brooke, who’s quickly becoming baby besties with Amelia!! So cute!! <3
So we are keeping it simple and staying low key. Whats everyone doing for it?
This Monday and beginning of this week, I am going to work really hard on setting intentions. With Amelia being almost 9 months, which is honestly just crazy to me!! I can’t believe where the time goes and its time for me to get myself moving and focused. As I am typing this its 11:11, guess my angels and manifestation are in play:) I always make a wish when I see that. Who else? 
It honestly makes me feel good and excited every time I do!! That being said, y’all know I have gone through heavy postpartum, and I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I am so happy with how much Amelia Rei is thriving and how much I have been able to be a part of every moment. Now in 2019, its time for me to really make myself focus and work on more of me personally, emotionally, mentally and my career of course.
I am excited to be on camera more for lots of new projects, so much to share! Stay tuned loves!! My Youtube is back as I mentioned and I will have a new episode soon! Let me know what you want to hear/ see from me! 
I’m back to styling, a lot more remote which is a lot of fun and lets me connect with so many of you which I love!! I love helping others feel confident especially in what they are wearing and how they are dressed. Still styling my clients in person of course too, but loving the remote aspect as well! Don’t forget you can book me direct at alilevinestyling.com or just send an inquiry to ali@alilevinedesign.com and if you have a styling question you wanted answered right away, send me a Yap! Don’t forget to sign up for the new app Yappa, where you can leave me audio and video messages! So much fun!!

So starting this week, I was about to dive head first and try to accomplish a lot of things! Then my anxiety started which for me starts to lead to my #postpartumdepression I immediately felt this and put myself in check, and said to myself no, okay lets go into this week with ease. No rush, it’s the start of a brand new magical year!2019!! 
Don’t let your fears get the best of you! Set intentions, even if small ones.Make a list of your to do’s, your goals, and make it manageable. 
I have to keep reminding myself this as well, as well as staying in the moment.
I wanted to also say I am aware of not posting as much recently and thank you for all the messages and feedback always. I appreciate all of you so much!I don’t want to say sorry, because I am not sorry I took the time off and created space for myself. I needed it. However, I am feeling more energized and refreshed and excited to continue to share for 2019.
As a new mom, I am finding a balance in living in the moment with my sweet little bean and carving out me time ( which means disconnecting completely) and blog and social media – work time. So forgive me as I better navigate this for the new year and find my ebs and flows.
So this week, I am setting the intention too, not to get caught up and immersed in anxiety and emotion, and let things play out to the start of my first week of 2019.
I will start to work on new blog posts, my youtube episodes and in the midst of all I am working on, I am heavily debating starting my own podcast off of Things Were too Lazy to Blog About. What do ya’ll think?
In my mind, it will let me speak out about everything in my mind more so than just my blog and social, and be really real about it. Would love to hear what you’d love to hear if I was to start one and what you would imagine it would be like?
Alright, well time to get those intentions in the works!! No more quick fix resolutions, setting intentions and trying to follow as best as I can. Better me, for 2019.
Last but certainly not least, Amelia has 2 front teeth almost in!! She’s coming her own little person!! (#proudmama)
Happy Monday & hope it’s a magical one for all of you and happy new year!!

Thank you for being YOU!!
Fashionably & always tired,