Hi loves, moms to be and my favorite moms,

How was your Super Bowl Sunday? Mine was very cozy and relaxed , I am getting more tired! Wow! 😴 third trimester is no joke!!

Going through my to do list, I feel like the minutes hours and the days are counting down!!

I still have many things to get done ✅ being at 31 weeks now!! Can’t believe she’ll be here so soon!

We are getting the nursery ready! Yay! So excited just picking paints and details!
Stay tuned!

One of the things I’m so excited to put in the nursery is my baby monitor! I have done extensive research on what is the best to see your baby 👶🏼, be able to know what’s going on and have peace of mind. The iBaby monitor is the perfect monitor!! Great pictures, easy set up, etc and I’m so excited to use it! Here are some awesome need to know facts about the monitor:)

  • The app and two way audio allows instant / Constant communication with your baby
  • Multiple users can download the app and watch over your precious one
  • Can be used on any mobile device.

Check out Apollo Box’s kids category to find useful baby gadgets, kids toys and baby room decor

I’m looking into pumps right now also since I plan on breast feeding 🤱 and figuring out what’s most comfortable. So stay tuned on that!

Of course as I’m getting bigger my boobs are so uncomfortable 😣!! So I’m looking for the right bras etc! Right now I’m living in the breast whisperer sports bras because the fabric is so comfortable and supportive! And I love all the colors they come in! Bonus, fashionable yet super comfortable!!

So now that I’m uncomfortable a lot lol!! 😆 struggle is real, I live in the bath! I swear if I could be in the bath 🛀 all day I would!! So soothing and I scrub with my girl Heather Marianna’s body scrubs! They smell heavenly and feel so good on my skin!! And I swear the smell alone makes you want to put it all over your body!! 😍 I’m obsessed with the currant one right now, cashmere black skin polish so good aaaahhh!
Thank you Heather I’m all about the softness and no stretch marks!!

After that to be extra safe I lather up in 10& co mother body oil!! Feels so good and I can tell it maintains my skin!

Anyone else have tricks I should know about? I love finding the best stuff and trying it out!!

As far as wardrobe right now, I’m living currently in kimi&kai, love how versatile their dresses are and even their maternity jeans are so chic and cute! And trust me that means a lot coming from me; as I never thought I’d rock maternity jeans!!

Stay tuned for a giveaway with them soon, yay!

Have a fabulous week loves & as always please send me any messages on my social @alilevinedesign or here to let me know what you wanna know or tips you have as a mom or mom to be!! 🤰


Fashionably & pregnant yours truly,