Happy Mommy Monday mamas!

I can’t believe my Amelia Rei is 2 weeks old! I have been embracing this crazy whirlwind of mommy hood, and trying to adjust to being a mom and still making time for myself, work, blogging, clients and everything else! Wow you moms who have it down to a science, you’re inspiring me!

I’m learning how to function off a few hours of sleep and adjust my schedule as each day goes! I finally have gotten to take a few real showers that have been heavenly! Especially because with breast feeding I’m engorged and in some pain along with my c section incision 😆 and the hot shower seems to be the only thing helping #momproblems

While I’m still recouping and adjusting to #momlife I wanted to remind all my mamas and soon to be moms that my giveaway with Gugu Guru is still going on!! And it’s so worth entering!! $800 plus in Baby swag hello!!!

One of my fave items is the mamaRoo which Amelia already loves!! It mimics the motion of a parent to soothe your baby so you and your partner can have a quick break! Jus and I are loving it:) haha! It also features five unique motions and five speed options. It has built-in sounds, or you can connect any MP3 device to the mamaRoo. The seat can full recline to allow your baby to lie back and relax or sit up and play.

Another amazing product that I am using and loving is the Copper Pearl swaddle blanket ! This amazing swaddle is super lightweight and breathable. There are so many beautiful print options, and the large size gives your baby room to grow, and gives you the option to use as a toddler play mat when the time comes:) I love the versatility, and I swear Amelia sleeps more soundly and easily.

One product that I am most excited to use once I heal from my C section is the Ergo Baby ADAPT Cool Mesh Carrier ! Since I am always on the go, and will be starting back with work and such, I know I will be using this ALL the time. I hear that it is super comfortable to wear and keeps you and the baby cool. Plus, you can use the carrier from newborn to toddler years, as it has super lumbar support and the mesh body will keep you from overheating as the baby grows. I can’t wait to use this:)

If you loves don’t already know this about me, I am huge on skin products and really pay attention to the safety of what all I put on my skin. Now that my baby girl is here, I am EXTRA careful and want the best products for my girl. Babo Botanicals  has the safest and most sensitive creams, lotions, and soaps for your newborn. Their Newborn Essentials Gift Set has everything you need to keep your little one clean and their skin so baby soft. Including their Moisturizing Baby Lotion, Moisturizing Shampoo and Wash, and Soothing Diaper Cream. These products are all free from Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Peanuts, Almonds, Walnuts, SLS, Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, Synthetic Fragrances, Dyes, Sodium chloride, Formaldehyde, MEA, DEA, TEA, and most common allergens – making it super safe for baby. Babo Botanicals are my go-to for Amelia!

These are just a few of the products in the giveaway that I am currently loving and most excited about. You can read about the rest of the products HERE – and you can sign up for the giveaway below! YOU HAVE ONE WEEK LEFT:) You don’t wanna miss it!!!

Stripped Giveaway

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