Happy Monday my mamas!

How was your weekend? I am feeling re-energized and ready for a good week.

A Little Weekend Fun

This weekend I did such a fun little photo shoot with this amazing florist, Amberely, that my girlfriend and fellow mama, Lindsay, told me all about!
She makes amazing floral arrangements and we did a 10-month shoot and something else a little more secret:)!! I can’t wait to share with ya’ll all the details, it was so much fun! We took over 300 pics because Amelia is teething and did not want to stay still… the struggle is so real haha!

It’s true babies never sits still

Even though Amelia didn’t want to stay still, Amberely still managed to get some fab pics because she is so amazing! The pics are sooo adorable, I can’t wait to share them with you and all the other details! We had so much fun between her vision and mine, it all came together beautifully!!

My new journey

I also wanted to share a new journey I am on, which is my journey with my body. I have been very honest with ya’ll about my birth and my body.
I am working with Angel Longevity Medical Center, a holistic medicine practitioner. I have started trying out their new body contourz weight loss program.
I will be documenting it on my social media, and more on the blog in the future. You can check more out about them here at www.bodycontourz.com

Bouncing back

I have had a hard time getting back to where I want to be, and a lot of people and specialists believe it’s from my c section and the diastasis recti. Neither which I was prepared for.
So I am working with this special team at Body Contourz, Ultra Slim treatment to see if we can get rid of my extra inches and weight!!

My treatments so far

So far I have done one treatment and I have to be honest, I did see little progress and couple inches lost after that one! And of course with working out, I am seeing myself shed faster.
The idea is the ultra red light (that’s safe and you can read about it) it helps speed up your fat cells so you dump what you need too without destroying them. *Note that this is not cool sculpting.
I will share more details as I go along and see results, but wanted to let ya’ll know I have started my treatments and will be sharing.

Slowly but surely

I am working out on top of this treatment, 15 mins every other morning or so, doing walks on the weekends. Working on building my strength and getting my body moving more. I am excited to see results from Ultra Slim as I continue to go. They think I need 6 treatments, to really get my body going and move that fat out and all! So we will see!! I will keep ya’ll posted!!

I am still working hard as a mompreneur and being a mama to Amelia so I am trying to set a realistic pace.

You know I love to share, so if you have any questions just let me know! Any topics you want me to cover, tell me!!

Life as a mompreneur – Mom is always on duty

Ok, back to mom life, chasing Amelia Rei all over… between standing up and crawling so fast. I am like, whoa girlfriend, mama needs to lay down haha!!
I am constantly chasing her to our water fountain that feeds our animals, she loves to splash and it’s like a mess every 1/2 hour now haha!! And 2 loads of laundry to go!!
But I am truly loving every minute!! Amelia is just amazing and makes me smile so much even in the chaos!!
Can we say #momlifebelike…. I live by this now haha!!
Fashionably & always tired,