Happy Monday y’all! How are you lovelies?! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I did and it was so needed and felt so good for my soul!
First off, let’s talk about how important it is to have other mom friends close by your side. I never realized how important this was till I became a Mom. It’s not that you don’t love your old friends because of course you do and they have a special place in your heart from everything you’ve gone through.
Being a mom is a whole new adventure and wild ride!! I mean I’m only 6 months into this journey but wow!! Having friends who are also moms can be there for you in ways you didn’t know you needed. This weekend was a perfect example of that for me.
My girlfriend Lindsay @glamandgab and I both have baby girls and they are only a few months apart. During our pregnancies we leaned on each other, and now with our babes we lean on each other even more and have developed a friendship and bond. While we were enjoying October fest together, the babies both were fussy 😭 because they are teething plus it was a hot one this weekend in California! So we were both helping each other stay sane while having a glass of wine and some lunch and listening to music and bopping the babes around. Helping the other change the baby on the table haha, “hey do you have wipes”? Can’t find mine 😂 #momfail. Amelia peeing on her seat, poop explosions between the two of them when we ran to the car to change them and everything in between. We were jamming out in the car to Disney tunes haha #momlife and changing them and I was nursing Amelia in the back to get out of the crazy heat.

The point is, we were there for each other so much this weekend and it was so good for both of us. It allowed us to have fun but feel like we’ve got this 🙏🏻🙌🏻. That’s what a mom tribe is. Moms who support each other, they don’t shame each other and they help each other! It’s so important!! And hopefully our minis will become real friends from it when they are older too 💕

The second part of my weekend was spent with my little family and it was so special and fun. I loved every minute. We went to Underwood Farms and went to the pumpkin patch, did the hay ride, got lost in the corn maze, ate yummy foods, listened to music, such a good time!!

I know I’ve been very open and honest about my PPD here on my blog and on social, and I’ve realized so much of my mental funk is not pushing myself to do things and allowing myself to have fun and be me while still being a great mom to Amelia.

So this weekend felt great!!

What do you moms do to help your own mental state? Would love to hear and have all moms share!

Here are some pics from my adventures this weekend: