Happy Mommy Monday my mama’s and moms to be!

I hope you all had an amazingly wonderful holiday!

I’ve been a little more off the map with my in laws in town, and trying to enjoy the first holiday with my baby girl and soak in the moments.

I can’t believe my baby girl is almost 8 months! It really makes me 😭 emotional and I’m trying to really be in the moment with everything.

Being a new mom I’m really learning day by day to be in the moment and how to allow myself to be.

One of those hacks, I’ve learned is pumping. Amelia Rei wants to hang on me and play with me on her mat with her toys and I don’t want to have to be separate from her. My new pump from Baby Buddha Products has been one of my new mom hacks. I am able to pump no matter what I’m doing. It’s a great feeling! Being tied down is the worst, especially when you’re trying to get a million things checked off your to do list. When you’re a mom, the to do’s never end and being able to be hands free makes things so much easier and makes me feel like I can achieve more! With my pump, some days I actually get everything done 😂 and I feel like #momstrong !!

When I pump now it only takes 10 minutes and I’m able to fill up my bottles up with liquid gold! I can adjust the settings and the amount of time all easily on my remote around my neck.

I absolutely love this pump and the freedom it gives me! I have a code for all my mamas, “Ali20” till end of the month! Go check out this incredible pump HERE and my go too accessory with pumping now.