Happy Monday/ almost Tuesday haha!
Yup that’s been my weekend and now beginning of the week. Traveling for the first time with Amelia Rei! Not only has it been a challenge but even getting a min to write my blog post between baby girl adjusting, travel, jet leg and all the above it’s like whoaaaaa!!!

Wow for a hot min there I felt like I was back to Amelia being a newborn with the fighting sleep and exhaustion! Travel is no joke!
We are trying to keep Amelia on a schedule as best we can but with the time difference, constant driving and flying it’s hard!!

I’m only in the second leg of my travel so stay tuned for more!! Ill be sharing my tips and tricks and the real craziness and all kinds of stuff!

I’m making note of everything I’m using and doing and what’s working and what’s not!

Oh and on top of all this, my phone isn’t working!

Insurance is sending me a new one!! 🙄

Never a dull moment, kind of like having a new baby and going with everything.

Wow that’s our travel in a nut shell, but I’m going to be sharing this trip in detail when I’m back and can think more! Holy mom brain lol!

Wish me luck on the next part of my road trip back east and the constant running this week I’m about to do with my baby girl!
I keep telling myself this will make me more resilient and Amelia Rei as well!

What do you parents do when you travel or get out with your little one?

Fashionably & tired,