Happy Monday y’all! Hi to my mommas and my fashionistas who still read this… I love you all! Truly!
Sorry my blog has been a little slower lately! It has been quite the adjustment with mom life, post partum, and adjusting to my new roles! I’ve been working on myself and trying to focus on the positive, so I thought I would start with this post from one of the moms who inspires me in my community @jessicagiselle_

While Venus is in retrograde I’ve been trying to keep my head high. 🙏🏻🤪 I’ve been really feeling the waves and trying to ride them and handle.I’ve had to tell myself it’s okay to feel like not everything is going to get done. It’s okay to not be productive every day. For someone who’s a workaholic some would call me or I used to be haha, this is hard for me to fathom so I’m really working on it.

Amelia Rei is teaching me to let go and let God. Live in the moment, be present, roll with the messes, embrace it. So I’m working on it.

That being said, I used this Monday to reflect, get organized for my week, and work on plans/goals for 2019. I’ve started writing more, making lists of everything I have to do, trying to make the mess’s seem less crazy for myself.

What do you do to feel more organized and less crazy? Momma’s, what are your tips and tricks? How do you balance?

Today, I enjoyed my baby girl and let her make messes with her food and her tray and me and the floor… and and you get the picture 😂

We laughed and had fun with her new favorite sweet potato 🍠 for solids, and I let the two loads of laundry, the blog drafts, the packages, the unmade bed stay that way and enjoyed my Monday.

Here’s to not always getting everything done and being okay with it! I’m working on it 🙏🏻 with every day Amelia teaches me something new!

Hope you all enjoyed your Monday!


Fashionably tired & a hot mess,