Happy Mommy Monday loves! 37 weeks pregnant!! I can’t believe it!
I’m officially in the home stretch! I’m pinching myself staring at my large bump currently.
This has been quite the journey and to be honest I’ve loved most of it. Haha maybe not every minute, like being sick the first 4 months, or the Braxton Hicks I’m feeling now, but overall really truly loved it. Being able to feel my baby 👶🏼 girl every day and connect with her on another level has been quite amazing yet insane to me at the same time.

Justin and I can’t wait to be parents!! I know we aren’t going to sleep, and life is changing forever as everyone tells us, but I’m very excited about the next chapter and our journey!!

So now that I’m 37 weeks I’m officially getting my birth center bag ready, my final to do’s done, wrapping up work, finishing unpacking boxes (yes we moved while all this has been going on, been quite crazy!!) getting the nursery finalized, can’t wait to show you!!! 😍💗👶🏼 And so much more!!

A while back, when I was getting organized for my baby J’s arrival, I met the amazing team and owner of Gugu Guru concierge, Monica.
Wow! Let me tell you this service is like a must have in your life!! Why?! So many reasons.
For myself as a first time mom, and I’m sure so many of you have felt this way too, I felt suffocated and overwhelmed by all the choices I had to make for my registry. Truly. Everyone has an opinion; “this is the best of the best, you have to get this or your baby won’t sleep, won’t eat etc etc.” Omg totally overwhelming! 🙄 I’m having a baby, not getting a sports car 😂
Well, thank goodness I met Monica and we connected. The baby registry concierge, Gugu Guru, she has is truly one of a kind.
Monica’s service lines you up with her team and they go step by step with you, of what you need and why, and it’s all catered to you. Cause let’s be real, just like no baby is the same, no mom is the same! They go through your life style; are you a stay at home mom or on the go, what’s your interior and fashion sense like, what appeals to you? They even show you inspiration images for each category to really help you figure things out. From bottles to strollers and everything in between! I immediately felt better and I’m not just saying that… it was like a weight had been lifted. 🙏🏻👶🏼

From start to finish-

-An expectant parent goes to the site
-Picks a package (Classic, Premium, Premium Plus)
-Takes the fun Gugu Guru registry quiz
-Gets matched to a professional baby planner who creates the entire personalized baby registry
-Once the registry is complete, shares with friends and family and watches as the gifts roll in

Make sure you check them out and mention me!!! And stay tuned for an exciting collaboration coming soon with them!! There may be goodies involved 😘😘

**See why the Washington Post calls Gugu Guru a ‘new generation pregnancy website you need to know about’ here.**

Happy Monday loves! Thanks for all the sweet messages and wishes I’ve been receiving! Im so excited to almost be a Mom!


Fashionably & super pregnant, 🤰