Happy Monday my moms & moms to be, & of course my always fabulous fashionistas who may be reading this!

Wow what a busy time it’s been. I have been trying to play catch up non stop and I’m sorry the blog has been slower than normal. I have had a lot going on and I wanted to take this Monday to say in all the craziness and exhaustion, I’m so grateful. I am so grateful to be a Mom. I have enjoyed these last 7 months so so much!! I can’t even explain. I never knew I could feel so much love. All I feel is love. I’ve really focused on not worrying about constantly catching up, being behind, staring at my phone. I’ve really tried to stay in the moment. Time feels like it’s flying so I’ve had to force myself to not worry about everything and to just be. This is easier said than done and so hard for me, but I’m trying. I’ve been working on my thankful posts.

I just love the holidays 🎄 🦃!!! Don’t you? There’s such a sense of down time, enjoying, feeling the love, and I know this holiday is going to be so extra special with Amelia Rei!! Writing down what I’m thankful for, reminds me to keep in the moment and not worry so much.
It’s almost my own sort of meditation this month. Trying to quiet my mind and work on this.

What are y’all thankful for? I would love to hear, so please comment below:)

On that note, I wanted to tell you all about Yappa; an app that I’m thankful for!! You’ll see below here in the comments that it says “record audio video” on my comments! You can comment and leave a message for me. A personal message from you to me, how amazingly fabulous is that!! 😍🎉

Please leave me a message so I can respond to your comment! I always love all the messages I get on social and this lets me send one back to you a lot easier & quicker.

Let’s all share positive vibes this season! That’s what makes the holidays special!! Come join me on Yappa and leave a message!’

Can’t wait to chat with y’all!! Thanks always for all the love ❤️ & thanks for joining me on this crazy but amazing new journey. #momlife I can’t thank y’all enough!!!!

Have an amazing and thankful week.

Grateful & fashionable mama,



Amelia Rei & I this weekend for Friendsgiving
(we got one pic of her fashionable outfit )😂 #momlifebelike