Happy Monday mama’s and moms to be!

I’ve made it to another Monday, and this Monday I’m celebrating! Amelia Rei had her first fever this weekend and wow was that terrifying!!
Today her fever is gone, she’s almost back to her normal self and I’m dancing around!! It feels so good to see her happy and actually smile. It makes my face light up!
Seeing your baby sick is like another level of low😔I’m still not sure if she’s teething and sick, or both. Either way, it’s horrible. Her top two teeth are coming in and it’s so painful to watch her naw down and try to give her all different things to chew as well as listen to her just moan and cry, saying “mamaaa mamaaa!” Breaking my so heart much! My poor little bean!! On top of that she’s got a little runny nose and I think it’s from travel for the holidays, change of weather, and I had a sinus infection as well last week I fought hard.
It’s just so hard to watch them being sick. I nursed Amelia all day and night for like 72 hours! Exhausted isn’t even the word!! I prayed it would pass and thank god it did!! 🙏🏻
I definitely had my first mom melt down like for real that’s for sure. Like whoa!!!😳
I was crying when she was crying. I was in the bathtub trying to soak my body to not only get clean but also heal my nipples. I mean I was a wreck!
What do you moms do when your baby gets sick?
The things I tried and I think worked were:
1. Nursing 🤱 and lots of it 🥛
2. Sinus blend bath soak by Heather Marianna of Beauty Kitchen– all natural clean ingredients. I took a bath with her and held her and let her soak in the oils and goodness for her body and little nose.
3. Frida Nose sucker– she hates getting cleaned up after sneezing but this helped, and it helped with the boogies that were stuck too!
4. Napping on me. Normally she takes two naps a day in her crib, but this weekend I let her just cuddle on mine and my hubbys chest, for comfort.
5. Cold compress for her forehead for the fever. I even put a tiny bit of her aroma fairy oil on it to calm her and help open up her nostrils.
7. Baby Motrin– dye free for the fever.
8. Cold washcloth in the freezer to chew on (really helped).
Here’s to a healthier week and good vibes to y’all!!
Tired & fashionable,
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