Happy Mommy Monday my mamas and moms to be!
Yesterday Amelia turned 10 months old and I legit balled all day!! We had so much fun creating a montage video for her, that you can watch on my Instagram https://instagram.com/p/Btb8DzkFpNw/

I know they say they grow so quickly, but wow 😭😭💗💗all the feels this weekend.
Mama has been beyond emotional!
I feel so blessed Amelia chose me as her mama and she is truly my heart.
I can’t even imagine life without her now.
It’s amazing how you think you know the happiness in your life, and then you have a baby and your whole world and perspective changes.
It’s so crazy yet so beautiful!!!

Am I right?? Even like when you’re pregnant you’re just like wowwwww😭😭😭

Sorry I’m so emotional yesterday and today

Before I keep balling and stop typing, I wanted to share Amelia’s amazing 10 month milestone shoot!

If you read Friday’s blog, you will get to read all about the amazing mama herself!!
Amberly Brown! Incredible mama, amazing florist and Designer, and y’all know I love supporting other moms!!

So I had to feature her after Amelia’s amazing shoot!!

Look at these adorable pics!!!
Don’t you just melt 😍😍
Amberly and I put our heads together and put together this amazing shoot for Amelia’s 10 month! How do you celebrate your baby’s milestones? I’d love to hear?!

Amberly & I had so much fun creating and putting everything together! Both of us loving color and all the details, we went back and forth on how the flowers should look, what they should be, how they could match the outfit etc.
So much fun !!

So here’s some bts pics and final shots I hope you love!! Let me know what you think and comment below on my yappa app! I’d love to chat about the shoot and the vibes I was going for!!

Go follow her on Instagram too @flowerfulgrace !
Amberley is the sweetest and so creative!! If you’re local you can hire her for your little one or floral needs, and if not some inspiration at least! Tell her ALI sent you 😘


(The gorgeous flowers and colors for our shoot)
Aren’t the colors GORGEOUS!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️


She gave Amelia her own little bouquet, how sweet right!! 💐

We have like 100 shots of this because like any 10 month old or any baby that can crawl and walk around, the last thing they wanna do is sit still!!
We used the flowers and mini bouquet to distract her but they ended up being a cute prop for her to hold on too!
Or let’s talk about how many times Amelia almost took the beautiful 10 apart 😭😭🤣🤣
Yes. Amelia Rei we see you 😂😂😘 little sassy pants already working on her perfect smize!
Who else has a baby who makes this face!! LOL
And finally the adorable shots we got after 300 taken literally 😂 🙃 #momlife
Which is your FAVE?! We got so many cute ones these are just the ones I melt over the most so sharing here!! 🤗
Fashionably & always tired ( well exhausted) lol