Mommy Monday – Leena and Lu Loungewear makes the #momlife a little cozier plus you’ll look great too! 

Happy Monday my mama’s and mama’s to be!
First off, let me just say I am so sorry for the delay in my blogs. Mama has been so busy, I can barely keep up and honestly been feeling less inspired!
I have learned that when I am not inspired not to force my blogs or my posts or they won’t be authentic which is what I want for myself and ya’ll!

So that being said, I have been feeling really inspired this past week or so lately and super emotional too haha! #momlife

Probably because Amelia Rei is about to be 1 and I truly can’t believe it!! like HOW!!! I have been busy planning her birthday photo shoot and her party, stay tuned!! It’s going to be amazing and I can’t wait to share all the details!! You know me I always say it’s all in the details.

Why you Need Leena and Lu Loungewear & Sleepwear in your Life

On that note of details, I have found a line that I am so passionate about & I had to share it with you mama’s and my community here.

Leena and Lu, first off isn’t that the cutest name for a loungewear/PJ line. When I say this brand is all in the details, I MEAN it. Let’s start with, this line is 100% ORGANIC cotton that’s made in Peru! When I tell you this cotton is incredibly soft, I am not kidding!!

Cozy, Fashionable and Good for Baby Too!

Truly, I feel like I’m on a cloud. Not that I’ve actually been on a cloud haha, but I bet that’s what it feels like. Soooo soft!!! It’s hypoallergenic as well and extremely safe and good for us & our babies! So no need to worry when you’re holding them close to you or worry about issues with your skin!

I don’t know about ya’ll but since I got pregnant with Amelia my skin has been the most sensitive and so many issues! So thank goodness they thought of that! Also, I know for me as a mama anything I wear, put on me, eat, anything, I am always like is it safe for my baby girl? So I love that Leena & Lu keeps that in mind with their line.

Free of Pesticides and Chemicals

Now going back to organic, because we all know how important that is, this line uses no chemicals! This means their entire process is free of chemicals, pesticides, so the sleepwear is not only good for us but good for our workers and the environment too!

Yay, talk about a win! I love clothing brands that I can align with on all levels. However, it gets even better!! Leena and Lu’s loungewear and sleepwear line is all about empowering women!! Hello, this is the year of the woman, and Leena and Lu is all about it!! They are about taking care of you, with your health, wellness, and fashion in mind!

You Won’t Be Able to Choose Just One Set

Not only are these pieces cozy, but they are fashionable too! I honestly couldn’t pick my favorite, so I got quite a few pieces.

Leena and Lu Talara T-Shirt dress in Black

Cabo Long Sleeve Shirt in Grey - Leena and Lu



Leena and Lu Loungewear Nuro Jogger Pant in Black


The pieces I’m wearing in the above pics are:

  • The Talara T-Shirt dress, hello pockets and details on the back! Yes, please!!
  • The Cabo Long Sleeve Shirt- #momhack – flip the shirt around with the cute flap details and wear it in the front for my nursing mamas, hello #breastfeeding easy!! I do this all the time when I wear it especially on the go!
  • Also, I love the Nuro Jogger pant, so comfortable yet so cute and stylish to wear!

Leena and Lu Loungewear is Perfect for Any Time You’re On the Go

Ok, little warning, you may not want to get out of these pieces and you may go from your bed to out running errands then back to bed! #guilty #sorrynotsorry haha!! Totally did that this week. I’m wearing The Cabo Shirt with leggings on the go with Amelia, a super easy transition if you don’t want to wear the full loungewear outfit.

You’ll also see me rockin’ the whole look with my perfect cup of tea at home, aaah heaven! Cozy and tea, that’s me!

Super Cute and Sexy Too!

And also, the super cute and sexy T-shirt dress I am rocking on my couch! Hubby came home and loved it on me and said he loved there was still some skin for him but comfy for me haha!!

This is hands down my fave new line to have found and I love all the good things about it too! I love when I can support businesses who keep us in mind and our wellness!

A Mama Brand That Values Quality, Not Quantity

Oh, and did I mention that the founders, Ophelia and Kathya, are moms and sisters!!

I love supporting mama brands!! These ladies are all about quality, not quantity, they care about us and the environment, as a new mama this all hits closer and closer to home and is super important to me.

Check out Leena and Lu here – & follow them on Insta here-

Tell them Ali sent you <3

Promise you’ll be hooked and so cozy! Don’t be mad at me when you’re rocking the PJ as your new style, I warned you 😉


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