Mommy Monday – Mama Mirage and Surviving Coachella with a baby! 

Happy Tuesday my mamas and friends! That’s right, Mommy Monday on a Tuesday cause that’s how it goes around here some days! Haha.

I attempted to get this mommy Monday out since Sunday night, but between attending Coachella, recouping from the festivities and Amelia teething and just full blown #momlife it didn’t happen!
I’m sharing this because it’s okay to not always get everything done right away. I have to remind myself of this and allow the pressure to come off.
I share this because that’s how I felt going into Coachella before I even got there.

My anxiety started, I thought to myself, am I nuts going to the desert 🌵 just baby girl and I?!
What if there’s traffic, what if she’s teething bad. What if I can’t make everything happen on my own and it’s a waste of a trip. The list goes on!!

Good news! I made it out, Amelia and I had a blast and we survived our first Coachella experience!! 🙌🏻👯

Mama Mirage Event

So let’s start with the reason I felt the encouragement to attend the festival this year in the first place as a new mama!! I give it all to the Fashion mamas and their Mama Mirage event. You can check out more about the event here!! An incredible event for mamas and families in the desert hosted by my mama tribe fashion mamas, with amazing brands, people and just good vibes!!

Before I headed out to the desert, I made sure to have Amelia’s stuff altogether.

Here’s my checklist:

  • Diaper Bag ✅
  • Filled up with:
    1. Sippy cup – Amelia is still nursing but drinking a lot of water too! So I like to make sure it’s filled up.
    2. Plenty of diapers!! Holy teething and creating heavy poop 💩 xplosions !!
    3. Teething toys and toys in general like her musical piano, her bunny she loves to cuddle, and others.
    4. White noise machine for on the go, I always have this on the car seat. No matter where Amelia is, it helps her sleep and it’s so helpful when she needs to sleep. 🤣🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • Food: I packed snacks in a small Sarah Wells cooler bag. Some of my fave snacks include yumi bites and teething crackers to name a few. (can never have enough snacks)
  • An extra outfit! I’ve made that mistake before where I didn’t bring anything and then Amelia rides home pretty much naked 😆 #momlife
  • A cover for the car seat from covered goods.
  • My baby carrier and stroller of course!

So I was plenty prepared for this trip!! Check out all of the items in my diaper bag here

Just when you think you’re prepared…….

Regardless though even though I was prepared, I wanted to share that Amelia still had some meltdowns. First, I had to stop for gas, and she woke up and threw a fit. That was fun 😝!! (Didn’t think about filling up before)

We made it almost the whole ride down and then Amelia woke up like maybe 40 mins before because her nap was over and she wanted out. So I had to talk to her, give her crackers, sing to her, and try to calm her down. Then we finally made it to #MamaMirage and Amelia was so hangry!! She was screaming 😱 getting out of the car while I parked haha. So immediately I put her on the boob to nurse when we got there.

Fun in the Sun

After that, we got to have some fun in the sun with other mamas and kids, Amelia played in the mesh kids play area which was really fun for her sensory and getting to play safely!!

After we had some mama and baby fun we headed over to Pretty Little Thing for the gifting suite, and a few other spots before leaving Coachella.

Always Take Your Cues from Baby

Amelia fell asleep between going from one suite to another. I honestly sat in the car and let her sleep and take her second 45 or so minute nap because girlfriend needed it. I wasn’t going to try to fight it. I’ve learned as a new mama that sometimes you can’t fight things and you have to follow baby, other times when it’s important you power through and stick to you. At this moment, it was more important for me to let Amelia nap. She had been so good for most of the day, she needed it!!

In this pic, Amelia was actually mid-meltdown and I started yelling to be funny to calm her down and my friend snapped this pic.
True mom life status!!Ali Levine and daughter at Coachella and Mama Mirage Event

Overall, the day was a success.
I was happy I ended up pushing myself to go, and Amelia got to experience it. Plus she got to wear the cutest Coachella outfit!!

Comment or yap below any questions you have or write me on my social media as always!!
I love hearing from y’all!!


Fashionably & always tired,